Alan Parker — British Director born on February 14, 1944,

Sir Alan William Parker, CBE is an English film director, producer and screenwriter. Parker's early career, beginning in his late teens, was spent as a copywriter and director of television advertisements. After about ten years of filming adverts, many of which won awards for creativity, he began screenwriting and directing films... (wikipedia)

Rain is also very difficult to film, particularly in Ireland because it's quite fine, so fine that the Irish don't even acknowledge that it exists.
Period recreation is very difficult unless you make a black-and-white movie.
A lot of directors prefer the solitude of the editing process, but I revel in the craziness of what a film set is.
Personally I am very much against the death penalty for several reasons.
I'm a pluralist. I've always argued that as many different films as possible should be made.