Alexander Kluge — German Director born on February 14, 1932,

Alexander Kluge is a German author and film director... (wikipedia)

Similar to the telescope or the telephone, television enables us to see or hear things we never dreamed of. When you look at the details, a concrete scene between people is really something incredibly unlikely, something subtle that requires extended description.
Hidden in a long text, there are perhaps three lines that count.
You cannot limit yourself to one area of specialized craft. Instead, regardless of craft, you have to charge all forms of expression that lead to the community, to other people, with meaning.
When I think of the library of Alexandria and of the fact that, although it burnt down, people continue to sort the letters of the alphabet according to that tradition, then that makes certain expressions of modernity, even of interventions on the textual level, possible.
If they had Mozart today, they couldn't work with him, although he was a very adaptable man.