So, it's cool that, yes, Hal Jordan is a superhero, but my character is a real-world hero in her own life. Blake Lively
I had no idea how difficult Sondheim's music would be. All through the rehearsals, I kept flubbing. There were so many tempo changes. I could never get through the opening number without any mistakes. One day, I went up to Hal Prince and offered to leave the show. He laughed it off. He said, 'Don't be silly. That's why we have tryouts.' Mako
I've been a huge fan of Hal Ashby forever. And I think that the distinctive thing about 'Coming Home' is the love story, and how - kind of emotionally real it is, and how these two characters allow each other to see their - kind of vulnerabilities. And it's great because it's a love story that's not really that cheesy, either. Jonathan Levine
'Evita' obviously would always be very special to me because it was the first major musical that I did on stage and created in the U.K. with Hal Prince directing. Elaine Paige
So I was hugely thrilled that my first scene ever on camera was with Hal Holbrook. Anthony Edwards
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HAL 9000 Quotes
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HAL 9000 Quotes
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The HAL 9000 computer wasn't evil. It only acted out of fear when he ...
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HAL 9000 Quotes
Hal 9000 Quotes
2001 a space odyssey hal9000 quotes
Hal 2001 Space Odyssey
HAL 9000 Quotes
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HAL 9000 Quotes
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