Jerry Reed — American Musician born on March 20, 1937,

Jerry Reed Hubbard, known professionally as Jerry Reed, was an American country music singer, guitarist, and songwriter, as well as an actor who appeared in more than a dozen films. His signature songs included “Guitar Man,” “U.S. Male,” “A Thing Called Love,” “Alabama Wild Man,” “Amos Moses,” “When You're Hot, You're Hot”, “Ko-Ko Joe,” “Lord, Mr. Ford,” “East Bound and Down”, “The Bird,” and “She Got the Goldmine.”.. (wikipedia)

Pray for intestinal fortitude, work hard, and keep the faith. Oh, and pray for good luck, you're gonna need it.
I have spent over 60 years bent over a guitar and to know that I wrote 70 compositions that masters have recorded, that makes me feel so good and full, and proud and thankful to the good Lord.
You can have music and it will stand alone by itself, but you can't have a movie without it.
Music is the most powerful thing on this earth, and it's hard to be angry when you are listening to music.
When people ask me what my motivation is, I have a simple answer: money.