Maude Adams — American Actress born on November 11, 1872, died on July 17, 1953

Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden, known professionally as Maude Adams, was an American actress who achieved her greatest success as the character Peter Pan, first playing the role in the 1905 Broadway production of Peter Pan; or, The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. Adams's personality appealed to a large audience and helped her become the most successful and highest-paid performer of her day, with a yearly income of more than one million dollars during her peak... (wikipedia)

Don't be afraid of failure; be afraid of petty success.
Life is so fresh, life is every day so new if we are fighting, only for the best. Sometimes I think the only real satisfaction in life is failure, failure in your endeavor to do your best.
If I have smashed the traditions, it was because I knew no traditions.
I had very little confidence in myself as an actress.
I've changed my mind about the interview. I shall never give interviews.