Michelle Gomez — Scottish Actress born on April 21, 1971,

Michelle Gomez is a Scottish actress. She is best known for her comedy roles in Green Wing, The Book Group and Bad Education, and for playing Missy, a female incarnation of the Master, in the British television sci-fi series Doctor Who... (wikipedia)

I'd always used humour as a weapon, as a protection. But being able to make people laugh is a way of not getting in too deep; it's a quick, transient fix.
Jack wasn't my type at all. I thought he was too young and too posh, and I told him that. Plus, I couldn't deal with his dodgy bowl-cut. But he wore me down.
I'm always slightly worried if I do a film and we're filming it in Luxembourg. I know it's going to go straight DVD.
I used to say Edinburgh was a beautiful actress with no talent. I thought it was just like a shortbread tin. I think that's because I did six Festivals in a row there, and I never saw the real Edinburgh, just a lot of deeply annoying Cambridge Footlights kids wanting to be actresses.
I feel so Scottish when I go abroad, and I'm so proud of it, but for me, it's not a political statement - I just happen to be Scottish.
Michelle Gomez
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Born on 1971-04-21 at Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom
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Thread: Classify Scottish-Mexican Actress Michelle Gomez
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Thread: Classify Scottish-Mexican Actress Michelle Gomez
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11. I'll never get Over the Rhine or have Diana Krall all over me.
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Thread: Classify Scottish-Mexican Actress Michelle Gomez
Thread: Classify Scottish-Mexican Actress Michelle Gomez
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Thread: Classify Scottish-Mexican Actress Michelle Gomez
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