Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders. Ronald Reagan
This is a universal, unique movie, it has potential to cross barriers. But we never thought about that on set, when we were doing the film. We knew that in making a silent movie, we were doing something a little bit under the wire, a bit interdit. It's a pastiche, but for the French taste, you would have thought. Jean Dujardin
After watching my first World Series in 1977, I wanted to be Reggie Jackson. I bought a big Reggie poster. I ate Reggie candy bars. I entered a phase during which I insisted on having the same style of glasses Reggie had: gold wire frames with the double bar across. Eric Liu
Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it. Hunter S. Thompson
Yes, I remember the barbed wire and the guard towers and the machine guns, but they became part of my normal landscape. What would be abnormal in normal times became my normality in camp. George Takei
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Where's the love, Bodie? - Carver - The Wire Quotes
My Name is My Name - Marlo
un personnage de la série américaine sur écoute the wire
Det. Jimmy McNulty
... is My Name The sign sign Omar Little Quotes Marlo Stanfield quotes
These are for you McNulty- Rawls
Det. Bunk Moreland
It's the Other Way - Marlo
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Marlo Stanfield don't scare easy. Watch this scene at http ...
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Snoop Pearson Marlo Stanfield and Chris Partlow in office
wasn’t made to play the son. – Marlo
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Clip from Season 5 episode 9 of The Wire entitled Late Editions. Marlo ...
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... the poker table.Watch this classic scene and other at The Wire Quotes
You too good for my money? – Marlo
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Vinson advises Marlo. Click for video. See more at http ...
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Marlo Stanfield:
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Walkin Around Not Knowin It - Marlo
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Marlo Stanfield
The Wire Quotes Marlo
Avon Barksdale
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wasn't made to play the son - Marlo