Rajeev Shukla — Indian Politician born on September 13, 1959,

Rajeev Shukla is the chairman of Indian Premier League, an Indian journalist, political commentator, television host He is a Member of Parliament since 2000. He serves as secretary of the All India Congress Committee. However, BJP has now become largest political party. Following the scandal over alleged corruption and spot-fixing in the IPL, Shukla resigned as its chairman on 1 June 2013... (wikipedia)

I don't try to hurt people in any way, and I try to help out wherever I can.
People change their opinion according to your position. And both politicians and bureaucrats begin to take you more seriously, as they suddenly feel you have become more important.
I have decided to quit as I.P.L. Chairman. It is a decision which I was pondering over for some time.
I have always believed that what goes around comes around.
Having been a journalist for almost 20 years and then becoming a politician has definitely been an interesting and enriching experience for me.