Samuel Wilson — American Public Servant born on September 13, 1766,

Samuel Wilson was a meat-packer from Troy, New York whose name is purportedly the source of the personification of the United States known as "Uncle Sam"... (wikipedia)

To maximize our potential to enhance our health and our knowledge, we should remain open to new understanding and evolving technology or resources that might inspire a change in our approach to these important questions.
One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of information technology in our practices.
There is no doubt that environmentally related diseases will continue to pose problems in the future.
As population susceptibilities are better understood, we will be in a better position than we are in today to make informed decisions about risk management.
There was an opening in the ER program at King Drew, so I spent the next month there, fascinated with the range of pathology that I observed, the diversity of skill that the ER physicians had to acquire, the variety of cases, and the ability to interact closely with people.
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The infrastructure for linking environmental health and public health ...
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upon which society can make better informed risk management decisions
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Brief about Samuel Wilson: By info that we know Samuel Wilson was born ...
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Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within ...
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87th United States Congress
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Wilson MD
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Anthony Mackie as Falcon in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”
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