I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love. Marilyn Monroe
A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether. Roy H. Williams
A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. John C. Maxwell
Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid. Hedy Lamarr
When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire. Angelina Jolie
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It was a very cool thing to be a smart girl, as opposed to some other ...
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To a smart girl men are no problem -- they're the answer.
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Smart girls are the over-thinkers, the insecure ones, the different ...
Quotes] A smart girl know how to love. A smarter girl knows who to ...
smart girl kisses but never falls in love, listens politely, but ...
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