Stephanie Leonidas — English Actress born on February 14, 1984,

Stephanie Leonidas is an English actress. She is perhaps best-known for her roles as Helena in the fantasy film MirrorMask and as Irisa on the American science fiction television series, Defiance... (wikipedia)

I loved 'Roger Rabbit' growing up.
The sets on 'Defiance' are incredible. I've never really seen a set like this, where the world is so built around us. There's not too much left for us to have to imagine.
I never really thought about what characters I play. I always just wanted different characters.
The stunt team were great on 'Defiance.' They were there, every day.
If you're working on 'Doctor Who,' you've got to be the Doctor. So yeah, I think they need a woman Doctor, and that's who I'd like to be.