Vic Fuentes — American Musician born on February 10, 1983,

Victor Vincent "Vic" Fuentes is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil. He also plays the keyboard on some Pierce The Veil records. He plays in the band along with his brother Mike Fuentes. Both Fuentes' brothers attended Mission Bay High School... (wikipedia)

It's all about risk-taking when you're making an album. Don't be scared to do weird things sometimes.
When I'm writing, I separate from everyone. Even my band. I push myself, and I'm alone with my thoughts. Separating from friends and comforts and family lets you think a lot deeper about subject matter. Working alone drives me a little crazy, but it makes the writing as honest as possible.
Growing up in San Diego, I can remember going with my brother to see bands like Pennywise and NOFX - good punk bands that were fast and tight.
Sometimes I feel like there are just too many things weighing on my mind at once, and I can't control my thoughts or even my body at times.
Equal Vision seems to be doing really well. A lot of these major labels are just imploding and becoming indie labels, anyway.
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Vic Fuentes Quotes
Vic Fuentes Quotes
Vic Fuentes
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Vic Fuentes on self harm.
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Vic Fuentes Quotes
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