Campbell Newman — Australian Politician born on August 12, 1963,

Campbell Kevin Thomas Newman is a former Australian politician who served as the 38th Premier of Queensland from 26 March 2012 to 14 February 2015; he lost his own seat at the 2015 state election. Newman served as the Member for Ashgrove in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland between March 2012 and 31 January 2015. He was the Leader of the Liberal National Party from 2 April 2011 to 7 February 2015, and was the 15th Lord Mayor of Brisbane from 27 March 2004 to 3 April 2011... (wikipedia)

We have been spending beyond our means, we are going to focus on the projects that we committed to in the election but importantly if there is additional projects or new things that come up they have to have a business case, they have to work and they can't impose financial stress on families and private individuals and businesses.
What happened in Queensland is that people are facing high unemployment relative to other states - 5.7 per cent when I last checked.
It is all very well and it sounds very seductive to say we are going to have harmonisation of regulations, but for example the way that funds are distributed around the states these days, you are positively penalised if you actually want to have say a lower payroll tax or sort of conditions.
The idea that we are not going to look after the Great Barrier Reef, which is just a wonderful tourism resource that it can be just for one example - we are not going to look after it, we won't have tight environment regulation, is frankly just not true.
I want a minister to be in charge of a line department so they have clear political accountability.
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Campbell Newman Premier of Queensland
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kgs of plutonium 235 knocked Nagasaki. Now that's effective.
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Campbell Newman
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