Christian Marclay — Swiss Artist born on January 11, 1955,

Christian Ernest Marclay is a visual artist and composer. He holds both American and Swiss nationality... (wikipedia)

If the music in a groove fits with what you're playing, then play it; if not, then you can play it backwards. If that doesn't work, you try it at a different speed. If it really doesn't work you just break it. The whole ritual to put a record on a turntable just to listen to it, I don't do that too often.
Art is all in the details.
Every person's remembering will be different. That engagement is important, I think.
With improvisation, I just do it. It might be a total failure but then you just throw the dice again.
I've never been a big cinephile, which may be why I could treat 'The Clock' like a puzzle and force the pieces to fit together in odd ways.