Hedy Lamarr — Austrian Actress born on November 09, 1914, died on January 19, 2000

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian and American film actress and inventor. After an early and brief film career in Germany, which included a controversial love-making scene in the film Ecstasy , she fled from her husband and secretly moved to Paris. There, she met MGM head Louis B. Mayer, who offered her a movie contract in Hollywood, where she became a film star from the late 1930s to the 1950s... (wikipedia)

Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.
I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father's equal, and I never loved any other man as much.
Men are most virile and most attractive between the ages of 35 and 55. Under 35 a man has too much to learn, and I don't have time to teach him.
Let any pretty girl announce a divorce in Hollywood and the wolves come running. Fresh meat for the beast, and they are always hungry.
Experts always know everything but the fine points. When I took my citizenship exams, no one there knew how the White House came to be called the White House.
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Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look ...
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It's funny about men and women. Men pay in cash to get them and pay in ...
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ve met the most interesting people while flying or on a boat. These ...
My mother always called me an ugly weed, so I never was aware of ...
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have not been that wise. Health I took for granted. Love I have ...
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Perhaps my problem in marriage - and it is the problem of many women ...
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All a woman needs is a good bath, clean clothes, and for her hair to ...
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