Tom Hanks — American Actor born on July 09, 1956,

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is an American actor and filmmaker. He is known for his roles in Splash , Big , Philadelphia , Forrest Gump , Apollo 13 , Saving Private Ryan, You've Got Mail , The Green Mile , Cast Away , The Da Vinci Code , Captain Phillips, and Saving Mr. Banks , as well as for his voice work in the animated films The Polar Express and the Toy Story series... (wikipedia)

Truth is, I'll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candour.
There's this misconception that the Navy is this cruise ship, and you get to go out and sail around, and every now and then, you have to swab the deck. But, no, it is a very impressive group of young people that live at sea, in this place that's very uncomfortable. They exude a pride that is well-deserved.
You cannot look up at the night sky on the Planet Earth and not wonder what it's like to be up there amongst the stars. And I always look up at the moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos.
Growing up in northern California has had a big influence on my love and respect for the outdoors. When I lived in Oakland, we would think nothing of driving to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz one day and then driving to the foothills of the Sierras the next day.
Some people go to bed at night thinking, 'That was a good day.' I am one of those who worries and asks, 'How did I screw up today?'
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Tom Hanks knows the name of all the episodes.
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12 quotes from Tom Hanks: 'Life is like a box of choclates.
Tom Hanks has been a huge idol of mine. I'd love to work with someone ...
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This concept might be a new History By Zim series so stay tuned!
Happy Mother's Day to each and every Movie Geek.
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The Green Mile (1999) - Paul Edgecomb/Tom Hanks
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Tom Hanks knows the name of all the episodes. - Patrick Stewart
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Tom Hanks the only man that can make you cry over a lost volleyball
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