People's identities as Indians, as Asians, or as members of the human race, seemed to give way - quite suddenly - to sectarian identification with Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh communities. Amartya Sen
I'm so sick of people misunderstanding Asians in America and what we're about. Eddie Huang
I don't drink at lunchtime because I'm very weak at alcohol like most Asians. Ha-Joon Chang
When I started acting, I hoped I could make some kind of positive contribution to this world. When I get a letter from some kid in Nebraska saying that, prior to Han, nobody wanted to be his friend because Asians weren't cool if they weren't into martial arts - Now he's accepted and recognized as a human being. That's pretty awesome, right? Sung Kang
I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. Pauline Hanson