Bobby Lee — American Actor born on September 17, 1972,

Bobby Lee is an American actor and comedian best known as a cast member on Mad TV from 2001 to 2009 and for his roles in the films Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Pineapple Express and The Dictator... (wikipedia)

Shopping in Thailand is super cheap and generally high quality. Bangkok is also safe. If you see anybody wearing camouflage holding a machete, don't be scared. They sell coconuts.
I have many favorite vacation destinations, but my favorite destination is Maui.
Koreans are hilarious.
I think I am against stereotype. Generally, Asian guys are more quiet - they study and have a good work ethic. Generally, I have none of those things.
You gotta understand, there are two different kinds of Asians - the kind who are good at school, obey their parents, go to college - that kind of stuff. And then you have my family - me, my brother, all of my cousins - we're just wretched people.