Danny Rimer — American Businessman born on September 28, 1970,

Danny Rimer is a partner at Index Ventures, a company founded by his brothers David and Neil, and Neil's partner Giuseppe Zocco. He established the firm's London office in 2002 and the San Francisco office in 2012, and has become a leading voice on venture capital in Europe and Silicon Valley... (wikipedia)

The overall experience Skype provided was superior to other folks because of the underlying architecture and the ability to provide a superior experience.
I'm always thinking as an outsider, and I'm always mindful of whether a company can be impactful on a global basis. Frankly, I'm paranoid about anyone anywhere who could be a competitive threat.
In Geneva, I was seen as an outsider. In the U.S., I was considered Eurotrash. And in London, I'm seen as an American.
In the Valley, what's happened is you have entrepreneurs that just want to fill a hole in the market and have a rich exit.
Is Amazon truly the best online buying experience? Absolutely not. Is eBay the best platform for auction? Probably not. Are dating sites like match.com really a reflection of the way people date? Probably not.