Jane Grey — British Royalty born on October 12, 1537, died on February 12, 1554

Lady Jane Grey, also known as Lady Jane Dudley or the Nine Day Queen, was an English noblewoman and de facto monarch of England from 10 July until 19 July 1553... (wikipedia)

All their sport in the park is but a shadow to that pleasure that I find in Plato; alas good folk, they never felt what true pleasure meant.
I think that at the supper I neither receive flesh nor blood, but bread and wine; which bread when it is broken, and the wine when it is drunken, put me in remembrance how that for my sins the body of Christ was broken, and his blood shed on the cross.
God grant you all your desires and accept my own hearty thanks for all your attention to me. Although indeed, those attentions have tried me more than death can now terrify me.
I ground my faith upon God's word, and not upon the church.
The crown is not my right, and pleaseth me not. The Lady Mary is the rightful heir.