Lisa Gansky — American Businesswoman born on May 01, 1961,

Lisa Gansky is an American entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing. In July 2010, she launched the Global Share Economy Directory to support the growing community of Share based businesses and organizations. Lisa is an international thought leader, writer and speaker on the topic of the collaborative economy or sharing economy, open innovation and entrepreneurship... (wikipedia)

Our ever-present mobile devices provide the immediate and convenient information necessary to make sharing things truly irresistible.
Your brand is your public identity, what you're trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed, and expanded as markets evolve. Brands either learn or disappear.
A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.
A shift toward access and service would deepen the big-box retailer's relationship to customers and win their loyalty. A service focus would bring more rewarding, frequent, and lasting contact with grateful customers.
When what you do and care about is aligned with what the market wants and cares about, you've created a recipe for career success.

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