Luke Rhinehart — American Writer born on November 15, 1932,

Luke Rhinehart is the American writer of nine novels, most notably The Dice Man, a 1971 novel about a psychotherapist who casts dice in place of making decisions... (wikipedia)

In 1965, I was teaching a seminar on freedom when I told my students that the ultimate freedom lay in casting a dice to decide what to do. They were so shocked and fascinated that I knew I had to write the book.
Those who believe that they have absolute truth and the only moral system are destructive both to themselves and to those whom they try to convert.
Part of the philosophy of 'The Dice Man' is that you have got to be laughing at yourself at every moment and be free of yourself at every moment.
I am George Cockcroft. But when I come to England or Europe, where the name Luke Rhinehart is better known, then I use that name.
When I was a young man, barely 18, I discovered Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, and for six months I told my mother she was damned to hell. That wasn't much fun. I abandoned it.