Luke Scott — American Athlete born on June 25, 1978,

Luke Brandon Scott is an American professional baseball first baseman, outfielder, and designated hitter who is a free agent. He has played in Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles, and Tampa Bay Rays, and in the Korean Baseball Organization for the SK Wyverns... (wikipedia)

In the Bible it says God has made everything good for man to eat and to wear their skins. Whenever we eat beef, we eat chicken, we have to kill to eat. But at the same time, hunting is a sport. I think it is a great sport... I would say most hunters are Christian men.
We all have the right of freedom of speech under the First Amendment. We all don't have to agree with one another on our opinions. Everyone in my circle, that I run around with, we all feel the same about God, country, integrity and character.
Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people.
Our forefathers got it; they got it, man. They took godly principles and they put them into action, and they developed our Constitution - the land of freedom where each man is accountable and responsible for his actions.
There's no one here in America swimming the Pacific Ocean - or the Atlantic, or the Caribbean - to leave this place. The reason why is because of the freedom. Freedom for a man to mark out his own destiny. It's not, 'Hey, you have so much.'