Steven Price — Musician

Stephen, Steven or Steve Price may refer to:.. (wikipedia)

For me, anything can be music! I can get huge enjoyment and be moved totally by the purity and perfection of some Renaissance polyphony, but equally I can feel emotion in the expectant hum of a big old guitar amp just before the strings are hit.
I like expansive stuff that has a lot of space in it, like some of the early Pink Floyd albums.
The realisation that, depending on where we changed from one note to the next in a melodic line, the music could subtly influence the entire meaning of a scene in so many ways was like a door opening to this amazing new world for me.
My house was full of music. My main memories are of the record player at home: it was all Beatles and Rolling Stones, and we danced around the living room; that started me off on instruments, and I've done nothing else ever since.
A lot of the music editing job is communication and working out what a director really wants the music to be.