Zedd — German Musician born on September 02, 1989,

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I really like working with unique and unknown artists, as they usually bring something fresh to a song.
I've always dreamed of having an album. The problem is that it's just very difficult to make an album nowadays because through technology, music shifts so fast, especially electronic music. Once you make five songs, the first one you did is already old and you wished you would have put it out right away. So that's kind of the difficult part.
A DJ can't just play one song. It's about playing a set, or how you connect songs in those two hours, and where you place them.
I don't want to put 12 singles on an album. I want to make a story, a little movie.
I would never say I will stay in electronic music for the rest of my life. I will always do whatever I feel like at that moment.