After an Alaskan town is plunged into darkness for a month, it is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires.

The Stranger: Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff. So sweet. So helpless against what is coming.
Stella Oleson: He's just trying to freak us out.
Jake Oleson: It's working.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: We have more important things to think about. I'll check on Gus.
The Stranger: Check on Gus. Board the windows. Try to hide. They're coming. This time they're gonna take me with them... honor me. Yeah. For all that I have done.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: They? Who are they?
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] When man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself. What a plague you are.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Hell of a day.
The Stranger: Just you wait.
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] That which can be broken must be broken.
Kirsten Toomey: [crying] Please, God...
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] God?
[Marlow looks around, and then after a long pause he stares into Kirsten's eyes]
Marlow: [coldly, in English] No god.
The Stranger: No way out of town. No one coming to help.
Jake Oleson: Shut up.
Helen Munson: Ignore him, Jake.
The Stranger: You can feel it. That cold ain't the weather. That's death approaching. Who do you think they're gonna take first? The girl, who thinks a gun will help her? The kid, sheriff's kid? Or the old gal?
Jake Oleson: Shut up!
[Jake throws a board game piece at the Stranger]
The Stranger: Oh... yeah... thank you, for the plastique. I can snap that apart and pick the lock.
[after tearing into someone's throat]
Little Girl Vampire: I'm done playing with this one. You want to play with me now?
Jake Oleson: I saw them feeding on Grandma Helen. They're like, vampires, you know?
Stella Oleson: Vampires don't exist, Jake.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: [to the Stranger] Let me tell you what I got. You don't work at the refinery. You didn't fly in; somebody'd seen you. And you're definitely not from around here. How'd you get in?
[the Stranger remains silent]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: All right. Well, we got a long time to figure this out. Nobody's coming for you for a month.
[the Stranger smiles]
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] The heads must be separated from their bodies. Do not turn them.
Beau Brower: Welcome to Barrow. Top of the world.
The Stranger: No whiskey. No rum.
Lucy Ikos: Alcohol's illegal this month. Folks have hard enough time in the dark without booze making it worse.
The Stranger: Well forget about... the liquor, Lucy. Just bring me a bowl of raw hamburger.
Lucy Ikos: You can only get meat two ways around here - frozen or burned.
[the Stranger grabs Lucy's hand]
The Stranger: You don't bring me what I want to eat. What I want to drink.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: That's enough, pal. Leave the lady be.
[the Stranger releases Lucy, and Eben sits down next to him at the counter]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Hey, what do you say the two of us go outside and have a little talk, huh?
The Stranger: Now what's wrong, with a man, who want a little fresh meat?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Come on. You and me. Let's go. I'm taking you outside.
[the Stranger suddenly gets up and faces him]
The Stranger: I would like to see that.
Deputy Billy Kitka: [overlooking the final sunset] I brought Peggy here on our first date.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Yeah, we all did.
[Billy turns and looks at Eben]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Not Peggy, of course.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Stop the truck.
Stella Oleson: What?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Stop the fucking truck!
[Stella stops and they get out]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: I thought I saw something.
[Stella looks through binoculars]
Stella Oleson: Get in the truck.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: What?
Stella Oleson: Get in the fucking truck!
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] There is no escape. No hope. Only hunger and pain.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: [upon finding Beau working on his truck] Got a problem?
Beau Brower: Nothing I can't handle my own fucking self.
[Eben sees oil leaking from his truck]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: This for generators?
Beau Brower: Yeah. Yeah, mostly.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Well, Beau, I'm going to have to cite you for it. I can't have it leaking all over the street.
Beau Brower: What? For that? You don't... you don't have to cite me. You don't have to do anything. Isn't that why we live out here? You know, for a little freedom?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: [handing Beau the citation] Happy motoring.
Stella Oleson: I should have fought harder, kept Wilson here.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: It's hard to stop someone when there family's at stake. The things you'll do to save your own.
Stella Oleson: We were like that once... weren't we?
Marlow: [Sees Eben walking towards him] Shukanu ja'miph!
[the One who fights!]
Deputy Billy Kitka: You know, Beau's not so bad. Why'd you bother writing him up?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: He lives all alone out there on the south ridge. A little citation now and then lets him know he's a part of this town.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: They're burning down the town.
Denise: Nobody will know what happened. They'll just think it was some horrible accident.
Lucy Ikos: Next time they'll take out Point Hope, Wainwright.
Beau Brower: [before lighting a box of flares on fire] You ain't gonna eat me!
Lucy Ikos: Now there's six of us.
Carter Davies: Soon there'll be just five.
[Carter removes his hood to reveal that he has turned into a vampire]
Carter Davies: The little girl in the store. I changed. I'm just so thirsty now. I couldn't tell you. That photo's all I've got left of my family. Martha was taking the kids to visit her mom. They were hit... by a drunk driver. I wanted to be with them so much. I... I couldn't bring myself to do it. But I know they're waiting for me. I can't live forever. I can't. Eben. Don't let me.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: [upon seeing pictures of Carter's family] Can't your wife bring you up a sweater or two? Or bring the whole tribe up while she's at it?
Carter Davies: They'll come when they're ready, I guess.
[upon finding a bag of pot at the sheriff's station]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: What the hell is that?
Jake Oleson: It's pot. It helps her with her cancer.
Helen Munson: Didn't tell you I got a little greenhouse at home. Didn't want you arresting me.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Now I know why you wanted to go live with grandma.
Marlow: [Under his breath as Eben approaches] Come and see.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Yeah, it worked. But they're gonna cut off the power, so...
[the power suddenly goes out]
Stella Oleson: These things can't survive the sun. What if we brought the sun early? Helen had that operation at home.
Jake Oleson: Yeah. She used an ultraviolet light to grow the stuff.
Stella Oleson: Yeah. I can run for her place, let them follow me, and hit them with the sun lamp while the rest of you beat it to the sheriff's station.
Beau Brower: Just because something stopped Bela Lugosi doesn't mean it can stop these things.
Stella Oleson: Why would they send that stranger to cut us off, if they can't handle the light?
Jake Oleson: What if it doesn't work?
Stella Oleson: It has to.
[after getting shot in the arm by Eben]
The Stranger: You shithead.
Adam Colletta: Are you sure you don't want to stay? Me and Jeannie were kind of hoping that you and Eben might re-think this seperation thing.
Stella Oleson: Thanks. I uh... got to make the plane.
Denise: Neither of you are getting me alone. Neither!
Aaron: Ah! We share, right? None of us have to be greedy.
Gabe: Yeah, come on. We'll be good.
Aaron: Oh, you will? Where's the fun in that?
Gabe: Oh, you bad little bitch.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: I can smell your blood.
Marlow: [speaking in vampire language] We should have come here ages ago.
Deputy Billy Kitka: [talking about his family] I heard the screams. I didn't want them to die like the rest. I tried to shoot myself too. The fucking gun jammed. I shouldn't have signaled to you. I just couldn't stand being on my own.
Deputy Billy Kitka: [after Stella misses her plane] Peggy and me can put two girls in one room. You'd have a place of your own.
Stella Oleson: I can't stay here. I've got bills to put in the mail. My plants will die.
Deputy Billy Kitka: It'll all work out. Of course, the price of staying at my place is explaining to me and Peggy just what the heck is wrong with you and Eben.
Stella Oleson: [muttering to herself] Not enough time this century to cover that, Billy.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: We'll sleep in shifts. We'll ration our food, and then we'll figure out the next step. We have two advantages - we know this town, and we know the cold. We live here for a reason; because nobody else can.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: All right, time to talk. Who are you here with? Who are you here with?
[the Strangers whimpers in pain]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Who did that to Gus?
The Stranger: You're a dead man.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Where are they?
The Stranger: [while foaming at the mouth] I don't talk to dead men. I don't talk to dead men!
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Well, if I'm dead no one lets you loose from here.
The Stranger: You're all dead!
The Stranger: They didn't take me.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Who did they take?
The Stranger: [upset] They didn't take me!
Doug Hertz: You keep shooting and they just... they just keep coming.
Carter Davies: How's that possible?
Doug Hertz: I don't know. Maybe they're all coked up on PCP or something, you know? They don't feel any bullets.
Doug Hertz: They don't fall down when they're shot.
Beau Brower: Hell, neither do I.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: [yelling to distract the vampires] Come on, motherfuckers!
[last lines]
Stella Oleson: What did you do to yourself?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: What I had to. Should I go after them?
[Stella shakes her head]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: It's almost dawn. We made it.
Stella Oleson: Eben... the dawn...
[first lines]
Sheriff Eben Oleson: Strange.