A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make it big but his friends and foes make this odyssey of rap, harder than it may seem.

B. Rabbit: [rapping] ... Don't ever try to judge me dude / You don't know what the fuck I've been through / But I know something about you / You went to Cranbrook - that's a private school / What's the matter, dog? / You're embarrassed? / This guy's a gangster? / His real name is Clarence / Now Clarence lives at home wit both parents / And Clarence parents have a real good marriage...
B. Rabbit: This man ain't no mother-fuckin' MC / I know everything he's got to say against me / I am white, I am a fucking bum / I do live in a trailer with my mom / My boy future is an Uncle Tom / I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob / Who shoots himself in the leg with his own gun / I did get jumped by all six of you chumps / And Wink did fuck my girl / I'm still standing here screaming "Fuck the Free World!"
Jimmy Smith Jr: Fuck a beat, I'll go A Capella. Fuck a Papa Doc, fuck a clock, fuck a trailer, fuck everybody. Fuck y'all if you doubt me. I'm a piece of fuckin' white trash, I say it proudly. And fuck this battle, I don't want to win, I'm outtie. Here, tell these people something they don't know about me.
B. Rabbit: I'm gonna turn around with a great smile, and walk my white ass back across 8 Mile.
Jimmy Smith Jr: This guy keeps screamin'! He's paranoid. Quick! Someone get his ass another steroid!
Stephanie: Me and Greg are having problems.
B. Rabbit: He found out about the eviction?
Stephanie: No.
B. Rabbit: The settlement check aint coming?
Stephanie: No, it's comin' it's comin'... it's our sex life.
B. Rabbit: [disgusted] Mom, I don't wanna hear this shit.
Stephanie: I mean it's good, it's real good. He just doesn't like to...
B. Rabbit: [interupting] Mom, I don't wanna hear this.
Stephanie: [complaining] Greg won't go down on me.
B. Rabbit: [even more disgusted] Mom!
[Shuts the bathroom door in her face]
B. Rabbit: As a matter of fact dawg, here's a pencil, go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful; and don't come back 'til somethin' dope hits you. Fuck it, you can take the mic home wit' you.
B. Rabbit: Hey Sol, do you ever wonder at what point you just got to say fuck it man? Like when you gotta stop living up here, and start living down here?
Sol: It's 7.30 in the morning dawg.
B. Rabbit: You wanna know my motto?: Fuck Lotto! I'll get the seven digits from your mother for a dollar tomorrow.
[last lines]
Cheddar Bob: Peace out, Rabbit!
DJ Iz: That's why brothers need to sign themselves a deal. I'm telling you record labels supply niggas with the kind of benefits they need.
Sol: Dawg. We sign us a deal you can take the motherfucking benefits, we're talking Bentley's and Benjamins not Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
Future: Look to tell you all niggas the truth, I don't give a fuck about none of that. I just wanna hit 31 and a 3rd on the box you know what I'm saying? One of them strong songs on JLB.
DJ Iz: No what we need to do is save that shit up and put it into some savings bonds every week, stack it and build our own studio.
Future: Savings Bonds?
Sol: [to DJ] Let me ask you a question Dawg. How the fuck are we brothers? We need fine bitches and fat rides, not no goddamn savings bonds.
Jimmy Smith Jr: Man that's all we ever do is talk shit!
[imitating Sol]
Jimmy Smith Jr: "We need to get fine btiches and fat rides",
[imitating DJ]
Jimmy Smith Jr: "No, what weed to do is put our money in savings bonds",
[imitating future]
Jimmy Smith Jr: No, what we need to do is put our songs on JLB." Man shut the fuck up. All of us never do shit about nuttin' and we're still broke as fuck and living at home with our moms.
B. Rabbit: Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver. So was Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver.
Jimmy Smith Jr: I don't give a fuck, man. I'm sick of you always thinking you know what's best for me, dawg. You ain't my fucking father. I'm a grown man.
Future: Look, Jimmy...
Jimmy Smith Jr: Look, Jimmy, nothing! Fuck you! I told you not to fucking sign me up!
Future: So what the fuck, you wanna fight me now, huh?
Jimmy Smith Jr: Yo you ain't the future of shit, bitch! You're just David fuckin' Porter.
Sol: Hey, come on, fellas.
[long pause]
Future: You know what? Do what the fuck you wanna do man. 'Cause I don't give a shit anymore. I really fuckin' don't!
[Future walks away]
Future: I really fuckin' don't!
B. Rabbit: [whispering to Sol after winning a battle] Yo, that 'Leave it to Beaver' line almost killed me.
Jimmy Smith Jr: Hey, Lily, hey baby what are you still doing up?
[picking her up]
Lily Smith: You woke me up, you know?
Jimmy Smith Jr: Oh, I'm sorry baby. Let's go back to bed.
Lily Smith: Can you sing for me?
Jimmy Smith Jr: Yeah, of course I will.
[singing, he carries her in her room]
Jimmy Smith Jr: I know this girl, her name is Lily. And it's passed her bed t-i-m-e. She goes to sleep and she can just dream, and not have to be in a stinky trailer wit me. And when I feel blue, i know what to do, I look at you and I just say.
Jimmy Smith Jr: Yo I need to get some privacy here guys.
Cheddar Bob: Can I come?
B. Rabbit: This guy don't wanna win no battle, he's shook, 'cause ain't no such thing as HALFWAY CROOKS.
B. Rabbit: At least I got a fuckin' job.
Stephanie: I gave 'im that nickname. When he was little he had these buck teeth and big ears and he was so cute, wike a wittle rabbit.
[Rabbit's car has just shorted out, the group is standing on the street while Rabbit is fixing the car]
Sol: I ain't gettin' back in that piece of shit... it's a death trap.
Alex: [to Jimmy] So how come they call you rabbit?
Future: Cause he's fast and he likes to fuck a lot.
Stephanie: Rabbit, If you gonna live here, you have to get along wit Greg.
Jimmy Smith Jr: He started it.
Stephanie: You can't fuck this up for me baby, you just can't.
Jimmy Smith Jr: Whatever.
Jimmy Smith Jr: Hey don't be talkin' about my mom or my fuckin' car. I hear everything.
Sol: So he a ninja now?
DJ Iz: Man, do you know how many abandoned buildings we have in Detroit? I mean, how are you supposed to take pride in your neighborhood with shit like that next door? And does the city tear them down? No, they too busy building casinos and taking money from the people.
Future: [Talking to Iz while rolling another joint] Shut yo preaching ass up! Don't nobody care about that shit.
DJ Iz: Did you care when that crackhead raped that little girl? You think that woulda' happened if he didn't have an abandoned house to take her to?
Cheddar Bob: They caught him didn't they?
Future: Yeah, they caught him. Dumb motherfucker went back to the house. How stupid could a nigga be?
[Sol laughs]
Alex: [after having sex] You were so good outside.
B. Rabbit: In line at a lunch truck?
Stephanie: What are you doing with your life THAT'S SO GREAT, Rabbit?
Alex: So, I hear you're a real dope rapper.
Jimmy Smith Jr: A "dope rapper?"
Jimmy Smith Jr: [rapping] This guy raps like his parents jerked him. He sounds like Eric Sermon, the generic version.
Sol: [Rabbit is taking Alex and Wink to a photo shoot. Iz and Sol are in the backseat] So when are we going to get to see these little photos of yours in a magazine?
DJ Iz: This ain't Playboy fool, in fashion it's called editorial.
Sol: God damn Fredrick Douglass, could you shut the fuck up!
B. Rabbit: [Intervening] It's for a book man, so she can get a job.
Janeane: You know everyone's caling you a loser from the other night?
B. Rabbit: Who said that?
Janeane: [mocking Jimmy] Oh everybody's talking about it. How you froze up and got booed off stage!
B. Rabbit: Fuck you Janeane! Go home!
Jimmy Smith Jr, Future: [DJ Iz is rambling on about the abandoned houses in Detroit]
[Jimmy and Future look at each other all confused]
Jimmy Smith Jr, Future: What the hell is he talking about?
Alex: Are you asking me out on a date Jimmy Smith Jr?
B. Rabbit: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.
Alex: Why don't you take me somewhere now?
Alex: [Alex and Jimmy are sitting near the burning house] It's almost beautiful.
Jimmy Smith Jr: You know, when I was younger, I always wanted to live in a house like this, you know... how it was used to be.
Stephanie: Did you mean what you said about doing that demo with Wink?
Jimmy Smith Jr: Naw... imma do it on my own.
Stephanie: You know, Rabbit? I think that's the best way.
Jimmy Smith Jr: If something needs to happen with this shit, it needs to happen now.
B. Rabbit: Mom, you gotta stop living your life like this!
Cheddar Bob: Yo B, they're calling your name.
Future: I had a lotta names, baby - The most jealous names. I used to be called Maximum, Brimstone, Godfather D - None of 'em worked, you-know-what-Ima-sayin'? 'Til one day someone said I was the future of hip-hop in Detroit. And that was it.
Manny: [after Jimmy and Janeane's fight] What was all that about, Smith?
Jimmy Smith Jr: I'm sorry Manny, it wasn't my... It won't happen again.
Manny: Good. Don't be bringing that shit around here. Now get back to work.
Greg Buehl: Only ex-cons and welfare moms work at that plant, man.
Alex: Why did you take off?
B. Rabbit: I don't really live here.
Alex: So? Why did you take off?
Future: Yeah. I heard that bullshit. Look man, Wink is scandalous, dawg.
Cheddar Bob: [Shoots gun] Yeah! Wanna fuck with us, huh? Fuck with us, yeah!
B. Rabbit: Cheddar, what the fuck are you doing? Where did you get that shit?
Cheddar Bob: It's my mom's.
B. Rabbit: Put that shit away before you kill someone!
Cheddar Bob: Papa Doc had one!
B. Rabbit: Put it away!
Future: Put that down, man.
Cheddar Bob: Okay. Alright.
[Shoots himself in the leg]
Female Lunch Truck Rapper: [Rapping] Man I'm so sick and tired of fucking with this steel. They only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch and chill. My body achin just to get a buck. I'm sick of eating this shit off this fucking lunch truck. Nasty ass food. I'm in a nasty ass mood. I should've called in sick. Shit, I had something to do.
Male Lunch Truck Rapper: [Rapping] I can't believe I'm hearing all this ravin and rantin. From Vanessa up in here at the New Detroit stampin. You need to get your food and take your ass back to work. Your dreamin if you think them corny ass raps will work. Look at ya'll freezin out here like dumb fucks, Rappin away for food off this ragedy lunch truck. Who want what? Who pumped up? To get rolled up. I spit venom in every direction, soak some up. Look at this fat ass nigga, sloppy sucker. You an ugly mother fucker Your pop should've wore a rubber. Stop rhymin keep your day job Vanessa. Next time leave that bull shit home on the dresser. Speaking of dresses take a look at Paul the fruitcake. When you travel you probly pack panties in your suitcase. Made out of lace from Victoria's secret. If 10 men came in a cup you'd probly drink it.
B. Rabbit: [Rapping] Ok folks enough with the gay jokes Especially from a gay broke bitch yourself, hey lo This guys a doo doo. You've worked here longer then me And I get paid more then you do. Dawg, take a seat. Wut's this guy standing in line for? He ain't got money to eat. Check this out yo yo. This guy cashed his whole pay check and bought 1 ho ho. Fucking homo little maggot. You can't hack it. Paul's gay... Your a faggot. At least he admits it. Don't even risk it. This guys starvin to death someone get him a biscuit! I don't know what they told you Mike... You must had them comrolls rolled too tight. This job you wanna quit but you can't. You've worked at this plant so long... Your a plant. Look at your god dam boots For christ sakes they're starting to grow roots. On this mic you get faded. You look like a pissed off rapper who never made it. Hey why you fucking with gay guy G? When really your the one whos got the hiv. Man I'm done with this clown its off. Fuck it... I'll let home girl finish you off.
Lyckety-Splyt: Listen up now! Leaders in the Free World in the motherfucking house. Me and Papa Doc will battle any motherfuckers here.
Future: Fuck the Free World.
Cheddar Bob: Yeah! Fuck the Free World!
Lyckety-Splyt: Fuck the Free World? You 313 bitches is wack. Ayo, fat ass! Yeah, I'm talking about your man Sol. I better kick you in your chest and porkchops fall out your asshole. You cats is pussy, soft like wet flowers. Leaders of the Free World here to smash on you cowards. Look at Future.
Future: Look, don't even start, nigga.
Papa Doc: What you gonna do about it, faggot?
Future: Who are you calling a faggot?
Papa Doc: Don't play yourself, bitch.
Lyckety-Splyt: Hold up! Yo, Elvis. You don't wanna step to this. You need to take that white rap shit of yours back across 8 Mile. Caught your choke act at the shelter last night.
[Lyckety-Splyt started imitating a cough, Jimmy makes him fall in the car Hood, then a fight begins]