A rag doll that awakens in a postapocalyptic future holds the key to humanity's salvation.

[first lines]
Scientist: We had such potential. Such promise. But we squandered our gifts, our intelligence. Our blind pursuit of technology only sped us quicker to our doom. Our world is ending. But life must go on.
5: You know, you're just like him; you forget to remember to be scared.
[last lines]
7: What happens next?
9: I'm not sure. But this world is ours now. It's what we make of it.
9: You're nothing but a coward.
1: How dare you challenge me; I, who kept everyone safe all these years? Ever since you got here, everything has been unraveling! You're a curse, A FOOL, guided by pointless queries!
9: And you are a blind man, guided by fear.
[something flies by the window, darkening it]
1: Sometimes fear has the appropriate response.
5: 7?
2: I don't believe it!
5: You came back!
7: I never left. You finally decided to join the fight.
1: [Looking at 9, standing in front of the "Great Machine", and talks to himself about the human race] They've left us nothing. Nothing. Why do we have to right their wrongs? Sometimes one must be sacrificed.
[1 runs and pushes 9 away from the energy beams that consequently suck his soul instead]
1: Sometimes one must be sacrificed.
7: [after her first attempt to destroy the Winged Beast] Let me try that again.
9: Why do you listen to 1?
5: A group must have a leader.
9: But what if he's wrong?
5: Actually, I don't mind having one eye. It's easier for me. 'Allows me to concentrate on just one thing at a time, you know?
1: I know enough to leave their ancient evils to molder. Look what they've left us with. Leave it be, I say! But YOU! Always asking questions. So many pointless questions. Probing. PUSHING. Like 2! He always had to know too much!
9: I was right; you DID send him out to die!
1: He was old! He was WEAK!
7: We... awakened something.
9: No, I awakened something. Something terrible.
1: You owe me a cape.
1: When we awoke in this world, it was chaos. Man and machine attacked each other with fire and metal. I lead us here to sanctuary and here we waited for the war to end. Slowly, the world became silent. The only thing that remains now is The Beast. So we stay hidden, and we wait for it too, to sleep.
9: But where did it come from? Why is it hunting us?
1: Questions like that are pointless. We need to protect ourselves; keep ourselves out of danger.
7: They're free now.
6: NO! Stop! You mustn't destroy it! Don't destroy it. They're Trapped! They're inside! They're INSIDE!
6: The source! The source! Go back... to the source.
Scientist: 9, you shall protect the future.