A mild-mannered man becomes a local hero through an act of violence, which sets off repercussions that will shake his family to its very core.

[about Carl Fogarty]
Richie Cusack: What am I gonna do? You bust up a made man's place, you killed some of his guys, you take his eye... Jesus Joey, you took his *eye.* Barbed wire, wasn't it? That's disgusting! You always were the crazy one.
Tom Stall: Not anymore.
Richie Cusack: [unbelieving] Yeah, I heard. You're living the American Dream. You really bought into it, didn't you? You've been this other guy, almost as long as you've been yourself. Hey, when you dream... are you still Joey?
Tom Stall: Joey's been dead a long time.
Richie Cusack: And yet here you sit. Big as life. You know you cost me, a lot of time and money. Before you pulled that shit with Fogarty, I was a shoe-in, to take over when the boss croaked, a shoe-in. It was made very clear to me Joey, I had to clean up your mess, or nothing was ever gonna happen for me! You got no idea how much shit I had to pull to get back in with those guys! *You cost me!* A hell of a lot Joey, *a hell of a lot!*
Tom Stall: [calmly] Looks like you're doing all right over here.
Richie Cusack: Yeah, I am... I am. I'm still behind the eight-ball. Because of *you*. There's a certain lack of respect; a certain lack of trust. Boys in Boston are just waitin' for me to go down.
[Richie pauses, sipping his drink, and chuckles]
Richie Cusack: You always were a problem for me, Joey. When Mom brought you home from the hospital, I tried to strangle you in your crib. I guess all kids try to do that. She caught me... whacked the daylights out of me.
Tom Stall: I've heard that story.
Richie Cusack: Well, what do you think? Better late than never?
Tom Stall: Richie... I'm here to make peace. Tell me what I have to do to make things right.
Richie Cusack: You could do something, I guess.
[Richie pauses as Ruben stealthily reaches into a sleeve]
Richie Cusack: You could die, Joey.
[Ruben silently pulls a twine garrote out of his sleeve as Richie turns his back on Joey]
Carl Fogaty: [pointing a gun at the wounded Tom] You have anything to say before I blow your brains out, you miserable prick?
Tom Stall: [gruff voice; as Joey Cusack] I should have killed you back in Philly.
Carl Fogaty: [smiles] Yeah, Joey... you should have.
Edie Stall: My husband does not know you. He wouldn't know you, somebody like you.
Carl Fogaty: Oh, he knows Carl Fogarty all right. He knows me intimately. See?
[points to his clouded left eye]
Carl Fogaty: This isn't a completely dead eye, it still works a bit. The problem is, the only thing I can see with it is Joey Cusack, and it can see right through him... right through your husband, Edie. I see what's inside him, what makes him tick. He's still the same guy. He's still crazy fucking Joey! And you know it, don't you? How much do you really know about your husband, Edie? Where he's from, where he's been, his life before he met you some 20 years ago?
Edie Stall: I know that my husband is Tom Stall. That's what I know. That's all I need to know.
Carl Fogaty: Yeah? Well, why don't you ask "Tom" about his older brother Ritchie in Philadelphia? Ask "Tom" how he once tried to rip my eye out with barbed wire. And ask him, Edie... ask him how come he's so good at killing people.
Tom Stall: In this family, we do not solve problems by hitting people!
Jack Stall: No, in this family, we shoot them!
[Tom slaps Jack]
Bobby Jordan: Give me that.
Bobby's Buddy: [passing Bobby a liquor bottle, then spotting Jack and Judy smoking a joint together] Hey, isn't that, that Stall faggot?
Bobby Jordan: Yeah.
Bobby's Buddy: You should go kick his ass.
Bobby Jordan: I'm going to.
[Bobby turns his car sharply to head toward Jack, and cuts off a passing passenger truck. He gives the people in the truck the middle finger. Leland and Orser stare Bobby down, not saying a word. Bobby's expression falters, and he stands down as Leland and Orser drive off]
Bobby's Buddy: Who the fuck was that?
Bobby Jordan: I don't know... and I don't want to know.
[Bobby drives off, leaving Jack and Judy alone and oblivious that he was ever there]
[after his men fail to kill Tom]
Richie Cusack: How do you fuck that up?
Edie Stall: What is it?
Tom Stall: I remember the moment I knew you were in love with me. I saw it in your eyes. I can still see it.
Edie Stall: 'Course you can, I still love you.
Tom Stall: I'm the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive.
Edie Stall: You are the best man I've ever known. There is no luck involved.
Bobby Jordan: So, your old man's some kind of tough guy, huh? What's he think of his wimp son? You think he'd take this shit? You think he'd make jokes? Go on, bitch, say something funny.
Judy Danvers: Bobby, leave him alone.
Bobby Jordan: [to Judy] Shut up, skank.
[Bobby turns to face Jack, who is glaring sourly at him]
Bobby Jordan: Uh-oh. He's gettin' mad.
Judy Danvers: Jack, let's just get out of here, okay? Jack, he's an asshole, you know that. He doesn't mean shit. Let's just go. Let's just get out of here, okay?
Bobby Jordan: Yeah, puss. Run away. God damn, I bet your daddy would be real ashamed by you.
[Jack gets in Bobby's face]
Bobby Jordan: Go ahead, bitch. Say something funny. Make me laugh.
[Jack turns and starts to leave, but Bobby's buddy stops him and pushes him back toward Bobby. Jack kicks Bobby's buddy in the groin, then turns and punches Bobby twice and slams him into the lockers on the wall]
Jack Stall: Okay, you motherfucker! Get over there, you son of a BITCH!
[Jack throws Bobby into the lockers on the opposite wall and kicks him twice in the ribs]
Jack Stall: [yanking Bobby's head up] Come here. Are you laughin'? Are you laughin' NOW,
[Jack punches Bobby again]
Jack Stall: ...you motherfucking, cocksucking piece of shit?
[Judy grabs Jack and drags him away]
Richie Cusack: So you like that farm life? Milking cows and shit?
Tom Stall: I don't have a farm.
Richie Cusack: [chuckling] No? Fogarty thought you lived on some kind of farm. Said you could smell pig. How that old fart would know what a pig smells like, I don't know, but that's what he said.
Richie Cusack: A lot of great-looking women in the world. I never met one made me wanna give up all the others.
Tom Stall: Who's Joey?
Carl Fogaty: You are.
Tom Stall: My name's Tom, sir.
Carl Fogaty: 'Course it is.
Jack Stall: So, what am I supposed to call you now?
Tom Stall: You're supposed to call me Dad. That's what I am, your Dad.
Jack Stall: So what are you, some kind of closet mobster dad? If I rob Mulligan's pharmacy, are you going to ground me if I don't give you a piece of the action?
Tom Stall: Please, son...
Jack Stall: Tell me. If I talk to Sam about you, will you have me whacked?
[after having caught the baseball that won the game for his side, Jack is undressing and re-dressing in the locker room. Bobby and his henchmen come up behind him. Jack remains facing his locker booth for the first several exchanges of dialogue]
Bobby Jordan: Guess you think you're hot shit, hunh, Stall?
Jack Stall: What? Uh, no, I don't.
Bobby Jordan: A little hero here, hunh? A little superstar here. The little hero saves the day at the last minute.
Jack Stall: What? Bobby, it's just a game, okay? It's just stupid gym class.
Bobby Jordan: Who're you calling stupid?
Jack Stall: [clears his throat] No, I said gym class was stupid.
Bobby Jordan: [in mocking falsetto] "No, I said gym class was -" Listen to this little faggot!
[Jack finally turns to face him and speaks nervously because of the gathering crowd. Whether he is actually scared is up to debate, considering the following lines]
Jack Stall: Yeah, you're right. I'm both little and a faggot. You got me dead to rights.
Bobby Jordan: Come on, chickenshit, let's do this!
[He pushes Jack back against the locker booth]
Jack Stall: What would be the point? I mean, you win. You win, you win. You've established your, uh, alpha male standing; uh, you've established my unworthiness; but doing violence to me just seems
[clears throat]
Jack Stall: pointless and cruel.
Bobby Jordan: Don't you think! Let's do this, you punk bitch!
Jack Stall: Shouldn't that be "little, punkass, chickenshit, faggot bitch"?
[Bobby's friends begin laughing in appreciation of Jack's wit and courage, and Bobby glares at them]
Jack Stall: [Bobby grabs Jack's shirt and pushes him again. Jack closes his eyes briefly, waiting for the punch, but opens them again to face Bobby, who merely growls, "God!" and storms off]
Carl Fogaty: There. You see how cozy it can be when you decide to play nice? Now come, Joey. Get in the car. You won't need your toothbrush. We'll take care of everything.
[Mick is talking to a reporter about Tom foiling the robbery]
Mick: Those men. They were gonna kill us. They were gonna kill us. Now, Tom... he's a hero.
Ruben: Got to frisk you.
Tom Stall: Nah, I'll save you the trouble. I'm not packing.
Ruben: I got to frisk you.
Tom Stall: All right. I don't smell very good... I've been driving pretty much non-stop fifteen to sixteen hours.
Ruben: I'll hold my nose.
Carl Fogaty: You almost believe in your own crap, don't you?
[Tom is awakened in the middle of the night by his phone ringing]
Tom Stall: [sleepily] Hello?
Richie Cusack: Hey, Bro-him. You're still pretty good with the killing. That's exciting.
Tom Stall: [quickly waking up] Richie?
Richie Cusack: [chuckles] Yeah, it's Richie, whaddya say Joey. You gonna come see me? Or do I have to come see you?
[Edie is driving Tom home from his shop]
Edie Stall: We never got to be teenagers together.
Tom Stall: Uh-hunh.
Edie Stall: I'm gonna fix that.
[the children are away; when they get home, she goes into their daughter's bathroom while he cleans their daughter's bed. At last, she opens the door to reveal herself in a cheerleader outfit]
Tom Stall: Holy cow.
[while they make love, she takes charge]
Tom Stall: [seeing that Leland and Orser mean trouble] Sir, we don't - we don't carry much cash here. You gentlemen are certainly welcome to all of it.
Leland Jones: Oh, I know that, asshole. Believe me. I... do...
[Leland pulls his gun and points it at Tom]
Leland Jones: Know that!
Kid in Diner: [jumps in her seat and screams]
Leland Jones: [pointing his gun at the girl] Shut up, bitch! Okay, Billy... let's show this asshole we mean business.
William Orser: [looking at Charlotte] What? Her?
Leland Jones: Yes, her. Do her!
Tom Stall: [Seeing Edie walk into his hospital room] Edie... Honey, are you okay?
Edie Stall: Tell me the truth.
Tom Stall: The truth?
Edie Stall: Please, you can do that, can't you? You can do that... can't you, please?
Tom Stall: What do you think you heard?
Edie Stall: It's not what I heard... it's what I saw. I saw Joey. I saw you turn into Joey right before my eyes. I saw a killer, the one Fogarty warned me about. You did kill men back in Philly, didn't you? Did you do it for money? Or did you do it because you enjoyed it?
Tom Stall: Joey did, both. I didn't. Tom Stall didn't.
[first lines]
William Orser: So we keep headin' east?
Leland Jones: Yeah, that's the idea.
William Orser: Stay out of the big cities?
Leland Jones: Uh-huh.
Tom Stall: [about Jack beating up Bobby] What the hell were you thinking?
Jack Stall: I wasn't thinking.
Tom Stall: Obviously not.

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