From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Hours" comes a story that chronicles a dozen years in the lives of two best friends who couldn't be more different. From suburban Cleveland in... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

[last lines]
Bobby Morrow: I've been thinking. We should repaint Rebecca's room. Like, pink. She'd like that, don't you think?
Jonathan Glover: Okay.
Bobby Morrow: She'll come back someday. To this house, I mean. It'll be hers.
Jonathan Glover: I guess it will be.
Bobby Morrow: She probably won't want it, right? She probably won't have any idea what to do with it. But still, it'll be hers, y'know?
Jonathan Glover: It'll be hers. Listen. This'll be an all right place to put my ashes, too, OK?
Bobby Morrow: Sure. I mean, whatever you want.
Jonathan Glover: You've built us a very good home.
Bobby Morrow: That's not what... That's what you did. That's what you did for me, y'know?
Jonathan Glover: It's funny, isn't it?
Bobby Morrow: What?
Jonathan Glover: The big, beautiful, noisy world. Everything that can happen.
Bobby Morrow: Yeah. It's funny.
Alice Glover: I'm not innocent in all this, Bobby. I can't pretend to be. I honestly don't know what to do. I'm supposed to be the mother. I'm the adult here, and I honestly don't... have the slightest idea what to do or say to either one of you.
Bobby Morrow, 1982: [to Jonathan] You're essential, man.
Clare: Jonathan, blue is your friend. See, blue is the color of sky and water.
Jonathan Glover: White goes with everything.
Clare: Yes, well, honey, it's a house, not an outfit.
Bobby Morrow: A little kiss between brothers. Nothing wrong with that.
Jonathan Glover: Growing up in the country doesn't doom anybody to good behavior. Most of the really interesting murderers come from derelict farms.
Carlton Morrow: We'll find you a woman in the sixth grade. Somebody with a little experience.
[first lines]
[Emily is having sex with Carlton and sees Bobby in the doorway]
Emily: Oh my god!
Carlton Morrow: Come on, Em, Bobby doesn't care!
Emily: I care!
Carlton Morrow: Just relax!
Emily: Kiss my ass!
Jonathan Glover: Hey. I'm sorry about... well, all this. I knew I'd see you both again. I just imagined... well, different circumstances.
Clare: It's OK.
Bobby Morrow: It's OK.
[to Clare]
Bobby Morrow: Ned, man. He was a trip. He was like my father, too. You would've loved him.
Jonathan Glover: Bobby, if you want my family so badly, I hereby bequeath them to you. No, better yet, I hereby bequeath you my whole, entire life. I hereby dub you Jonathan Glover. Tomorrow, when they cremate my father's body, you can be the son and I'll be the best friend. You can come back from the service, and you can console my mother!
Clare: Jonathan, stop it.
Jonathan Glover: You're better at it than I am! You're better qualified, so go! Go at it. Be their son, with my blessing!
Clare: Listen to me, you little shit! All he's ever done is worship you. And all you've ever done is walk out on him. Don't you dare speak to him like that, you hear me?
Jonathan Glover: You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know the first thing about worship.
Clare: Do you know - do you have any idea how much - how much I wanted you? How much I loved YOU, you asshole. And then - what an idiot I am. How pathetic is that? Me in love with you. And then Bobby comes along, and I fell in love with this one, and I think that we... that the three of us, maybe we could... Fuck it. Just leave me alone and go back in the house and have a drink.
[Walks away]
Jonathan Glover: [Following, along with Bobby] Clare! Clare.
Clare: How could you just leave without saying anything!
Jonathan Glover: I couldn't be the uncle anymore! Give me a break, OK?
Bobby Morrow: Clare, hey.
Clare: Don't call me that!
Bobby Morrow: Don't call you what? Your name?
Clare: [Crying] What'd you think I would do without you, Jonathan? What were you thinking?
Bobby Morrow: Clare, come on.
Clare: [stops walking] I'm pregnant, you fuckers!
Clare: What? Are you sure?
Clare: I'm completely sure.
Jonathan Glover: [Smiling] You wanted this. Didn't you?
Bobby Morrow: [Happy] Clare. Oh, man.
Clare: You think?
Bobby Morrow: Yes!
Jonathan Glover: Yes!
[They all laugh, cry, and hug]
Clare: You're home early.
Jonathan Glover: Yeah, I was having a little less than maximum fun.
Jonathan Glover: The best thing about Philadelphia is you can leave it.
Carlton Morrow: It's window pane, for clarity of vision.
Bobby Morrow: So that's it, man. I'm like, the last of my kind now.
Clare: [on Bobby, when meeting him for the first time] Where'd you find him, anyway?
Jonathan Glover: He found me.
Bobby Morrow: You were married?
Clare: Years ago. He was a sadistic drug addict, and I was, well, a masochistic aspiring drug addict. It made sense at the time.
Alice Glover: Do something for me?
Bobby Morrow: Anything.
Alice Glover: Hold me. Just hold me.
Bobby Morrow: Okay.
Alice Glover: Tighter. Don't be gentle with me. Squeeze me harder. Harder! Make me feel like you're breaking my ribs!
Clare: You are the gayest living human being ever!
Jonathan Glover: Somebody's got to be gay around here.
Bobby Morrow: I get up and walk around in the dark sometimes. Does that weird you out?
Jonathan Glover: No... I don't know.
Bobby Morrow: When the place is all dark, when you and Clare have gone to sleep, and I'm awake, it's like being alive and being dead at the same time, y'know? It's this sorta halfway thing, where people who are alive are dreaming and people who are dead are... where they are. And I'm here... in the dark and the quiet.
Clare: Is there anything you couldn't do?
Bobby Morrow: I couldn't be alone.
Jonathan Glover: Your new home. Welcome to the Tarantula Arms.

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