A Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg, where he gets caught in the international war on terror.

[last lines]
Günther Bachmann: Fuuuuck! Fuuuuuck!
Günther Bachmann: [Puts a pen in Brue's pocket] It's just an ordinary pen. Looks like a pen, writes like a pen, and listens like a pen.
Dieter Mohr: After 24 hours of questioning, Karpov confessed to taking part in attacks on gas pipelines, transport, infrastructure, police stations.
Irna Frey: After 24 hours of Russian questioning, any one of us would admit to anything.
Günther Bachmann: Have you ever seen blood on the street?
Günther Bachmann: Go where? Go where?
Martha Sullivan: Old habits die hard.
Tommy Brue: I am not doing this for you!
Günther Bachmann: Whatever it takes, Tommy.
Günther Bachmann: Most of us don't get to choose. But you did.
Annabel Richter: Your goat is tethered.
Abdullah: Please tell me why you have decided to make this generous gift. Are you under duress?
Issa Karpov: No.
Abdullah: Look at me.
Issa Karpov: It is unclean money, sir. It belongs to a man who has done great evil. My father. I wish to be free of him.
Abdullah: Whose sins do you renounce by making this gift?
Issa Karpov: The sins of my father.
Abdullah: And your own sins? I believe you feel lost, without God or love. You must choose the path of Allah. Only then will you be truly free of this burden.
Martha Sullivan: Maybe, if you could define for us, what you think the long term objective would be? What are we trying to achieve?
Günther Bachmann: To make the world safer place.
Martha Sullivan: Men who trusted you died. And that stays with you always.
Günther Bachmann: And all that damage we leave behind. All those lives. All those empty rooms. What were they in vain for? You have asked yourself that question? Why we do what we do?
Martha Sullivan: Mm-hmm, sometimes. But I always come up to same answer.
Günther Bachmann: And what is it?
Martha Sullivan: To make the world safer place.

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