With all-new gadgets, high-flying action, exciting chases and a wisecracking new handler, Derek (Anthony Anderson), Cody has to retrieve the device before the world's leaders fall under the evil control of a diabolical villain.

Derek: Here's my ride, designed it myself, Gucci interior, plasma flat screen, DVD, surround sound, GPS navigation system, and riding shotgun, my right hand man Kumar.
Kumar: What up Mr. Banks, it is a bit young.
Derek: And to top it off... whooo, I got the fastest system in all of London
[he begins playing music but Cody shuts it off]
Cody Banks: Of course, everytime you turn that on you risk blowing your cover and putting yourself and all your men in danger.
Derek: Nany, nany, Nah. You know what your problem is Banks, your too darn old, act like a kid, that's why they recruited you
[he plays the music agian]
Cody Banks: Why are we going so fast, is someone following us?
Derek: NO, you're late for class?
Cody Banks: Wasn't exactly where I was going, but sure.
Cody Banks: How come I get a retainer and a clarinet and James Bond gets a Aston Martin?
Kumar: All in good time double "O" junior.
Cody Banks: [after he got beaten up by a beanie baby] What happened to you?
C.I.A. Director: I don't want to talk about it.
Boy 1: Hey Cody, can I get you anything, debriefing, recon mission, juice box?
Cody Banks: No thanks.
Boy 2: Okay well we're here if you need any thing.
Boy 3: You know us, USA first, Cody Banks second, Then mom and apple pie tie for third.
Cody Banks: Thanks.
Helicopter Pilot: I just love the smell of summer camp in the evening.
Derek: In Nigeria, the ladies go loco for a brother in a bobo.
C.I.A. Director: So Banks, you let him get away.
Cody Banks: By now he's a far ways off, and by the looks of things, I'd say we just beaten your little getaway simulation.
C.I.A. Director: Getaway simulation, that was no simulation THAT WAS THE REAL DEAL!
Cody Banks: Go and write that on your lunch box.
C.I.A. Director: You'll be attending a summer music academy.
Cody Banks: More school, just once in my life I'd like a mission that doesn't involve homework
Cody Banks: wait, did you say music?
C.I.A. Director: Yeah it's a good thing you play the clarinet.
Cody Banks: Yeah... wait, I don't play the clarinet.
C.I.A. Director: Your father says you were in a school marching band for three years.
Cody Banks: I faked playing the clarinet to meet girls.
C.I.A. Director: You joined a marching band to meet girls?
Cody Banks: Yeah.
C.I.A. Director: Well you faked it for three years you can handle it for a couple of weeks. You'll be part of an international youth orchestra.
Cody Banks: An international youth orchestra, where?
Diaz: How bad?
Cody Banks: I had a good teacher.
Cody Banks: We've got company.
Cody Banks: [talking about entrance to CIA storage facility underneath summer camp] What? That's impossible! Kids have been snooping around this place for years! Someone would've found the entrance by now!
C.I.A. Director: That's why we put it... where no-one wants to spend too much time.
[goes into bathroom, which at summer camps, usually are of low-quality and smell like something died in there]
Cody Banks: [after a drill] Sorry about the head kick Frank.
Frank: No problem.
Diaz: Sorry, sorry, you don't apologize to your enemies.
Cody Banks: But Frank is my friend.
Diaz: Friends, enemies, they're all the same, trust equals death, now you go write that on your lunch box.
Cody Banks: Sir, you dropped you baseball.
[throws it to him]
Diaz: Remember kid, trust no one, including me.
Emily: You know what I hate about dentists? They always say something's not gonna hurt and it does. Me, I'm honest. Now this is gonna hurt.
Derek: No wonder all the malls are empty. They got all you kids working undercover.

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