Hijackers seize the plane carrying the President of the United States and his family, but he - an ex-soldier - works from hiding to defeat them.

President James Marshall: GET OFF MY PLANE!
Liberty 24 Pilot: [as the President reaches Liberty Two Four] Liberty Two Four is changing call signs - Liberty Two Four is now Air Force One!
Ivan Korshunov: Your national security advisor has just been executed. He's a very good negotiator. He bought you another half hour.
President James Marshall: Peace isn't merely the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice.
Ivan Korshunov: You who murdered a hundred thousand Iraqis to save a nickel on a gallon of gas are going to lecture me on the rules of war? Well DON'T.
F-15 Fighter Pilot 'Halo 2': Sir, pull up! You've got one on your tail.
President James Marshall: Get him off my tail!
F-15 Fighter Pilot 'Halo 2': Missile away. Air Force One. Break left and climb!
Major Caldwell: Sir, we've lost countermeasures.
F-15 Fighter Pilot 'Halo 2': This is Halo-2. They've lost countermeasures. I'm going in.
[takes the missile for Air Force One]
Liberty 24 Pilot: Blue Star... Air Force One is down!
Control Room [Blue Star]: Liberty 24 have you got the president?
Control Room [Blue Star]: Liberty DO YOU HAVE THE PRESIDENT!
Liberty 24 Pilot: Standby...
Liberty 24 crew member: [President Marshal is grabbed off the line and taken on board]
[a watching crew member on his ear set]
Liberty 24 crew member: ... Liberty 24 is changing call sign, Liberty 24 is now Air Force One!
President James Marshall: If this works, you get to be Postmaster General.
President James Marshall: Kathryn, if you give a mouse a cookie...
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: It's gonna want a glass of milk.
Colonel Carlton: Okay guys give me some room. I've just been ordered to fire on Air Force One.
Alice Marshall: You are a monster, and my father is a great man. You're nothing like my father!
President James Marshall: I trusted you with my life!
Agent Gibbs: So will the next president!
White House General: [after hearing the president] My God! Is he saying what I think he's saying?
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: If we're going to act, we have to act now.
Defense Secretary Walter Dean: It's too risky.
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: The president is up there with a gun to his head.
General Northwood: He asking us to do that to Air Force One?
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: He's not asking. Your Commander-in-Chief has issued a direct order. Do it!
Ivan Korshunov: When you talk to the President, you might remind him that I am holding his wife, his daughter, his chief of staff, his national security advisor, his classified papers - and his baseball glove!
Major Caldwell: [the Liberty 24 pararescue team only has time for one more retrieval] Mr. President, it's time to get you off this plane!
Ivan Korshunov: You've been very busy downstairs, haven't you? Killing my men?
Ivan Korshunov: [Slaps President Marshall's face after been tied with tape]
Ivan Korshunov: [Punches President Marshall's stomach]
Ivan Korshunov: [Lies down President Marshall against a desk and takes his gun and points it at his head]
Grace: NO!
President James Marshall: You don't want to do that. I'm what you came for, don't forget that.
Ivan Korshunov: Then i'll kill them. Or just one, you pick. That's what you do in the White House? you play God.
President James Marshall: Never again will I allow our political self-interest to deter us from doing what we know to be morally right. Atrocity and terror are not political weapons. And to those who would use them, your day is over. We will never negotiate. We will no longer tolerate and we will no longer be afraid. It's your turn to be afraid.
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: How the hell did they get Air Force One?
[Ivan has just killed Melanie Mitchell]
Ivan Korshunov: I know what you're thinking First Lady,you want me dead. Well we may come to that. You see people do die in wars.
General Northwood: Nobody does this to the United States. The President will get his baseball glove back and play catch with this guy's balls!
[Crossing three wires blindly]
President James Marshall: I'm counting on you, red, white and blue.
Alice Marshall: I'm 12 years old, dad. In caveman days I'd be having children of my own.
President James Marshall: That's what we call progress, young lady.
[Ivan has just killed Jack Doherty]
Alice Marshall: Why did you kill him?
Ivan Korshunov: Because I believe.
President James Marshall: Did you hear my speech?
Grace: Yeah.
President James Marshall: Yeah?
Grace: You're gonna get yourself re-elected.
President James Marshall: That's what I keep telling them.
Melanie Mitchel: Mr. President, the Russian news crew is with us. I told them you'd give them a sound bite about life in the White House.
President James Marshall: There *is* no life in the White House!
Sergei Lenski: We have the President.
[last lines]
Liberty 24 Pilot: Mr. President, welcome aboard, sir!
Ivan Korshunov: I would turn my back on God Himself for Mother Russia
[Phillips is talking Marshall through dumping fuel with the avionics panel]
Phillips, AFO Chief Mechanic: Hold on, just let me double-check, sir...
President James Marshall: Oh, for Christ's sakes, man, hurry up!
Phillips, AFO Chief Mechanic: Sir, if you get the wrong wire, you'll cut the engine feeds, and the plane will crash.
President James Marshall: Then we don't want to get the wrong wire, do we?
President James Marshall: Where are your chutes, guys?
Agent Gibbs: We stay with the president.
President James Marshall: Thank you.
President James Marshall: The truth is, we acted too late. Only when our own national security was threatened, did we act.
Boris Bazylev: Go on, blyad!
Grace: She couldn't stay your little girl forever Jim.
President James Marshall: I know. But I was hoping she could wait until she was 14 or 15... or 50.
Ivan Korshunov: The President is safe - but then you must know that. He ran from here like a whipped dog! I'm sure you can't wait for him to get back to making the decisions so you can stop... sweating... through that silk blouse of yours!
Ivan Korshunov: I understand that Air Force One can refuel in mid-air. Well we need fuel, and we need it now.
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement. If you land the plane we'll trade fuel for hostages.
Ivan Korshunov: This is bullshit! It's simple physics. Without fuel the plan crashes,
Ivan Korshunov: everybody dies!
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: We're trying to do everything we can.
Ivan Korshunov: Tell me what I want to hear or I will execute a member of the senior staff and continue killing one hostage every minute until the plane crashes, or refueling plane arrive. Well what do you say?
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: Fuel's on its way.
Ivan Korshunov: Thank you.
Alice Marshall: [watching a football game] Pass interference. That's cheating!
President James Marshall: Only if they get caught.
President James Marshall: Do you know who I am? I'm the President of the United States!
Boris Bazylev: Don't think that means I don't shoot you!
President James Marshall: Your not here for this, you want something. What is it?
Ivan Korshunov: I want Radek.
President James Marshall: How can I do that, I can't do that!
Ivan Korshunov: Then you die the three of you.
President James Marshall: I'll do anything to save my family DON'T ASK ME FOR SOMETHING I CAN'T GIVE!
Ivan Korshunov: The most powerful man on the earth, and there certain things you cannot do. This is very curious, stop with your fuckin' LIES!
President James Marshall: [in Russian] The dead remember our indifference. The dead remember our silence.
Air Force One Pilot: [as Ivan and Horace are trying to get into the cockpit and stop the plane from landing] . No matter what happens, we land this aircraft is that understood?
[first lines]
Major Perkins: [after landing in Kazakstan] Quick head count! One, two, three, four, five. Move out!
National Security Advisor Jack Doherty: [to Ivan] The Vice President in this case is like the Queen of England. You can't even buy airline tickets without talking to someone like me. Therfore, let me speak to The White House because I can assure you, I'm the one person who can make this all work out.
Vice President Kathryn Bennett: What are your intentions?
Ivan Korshunov: What arrogance... to think you could ever understand my intentions!
Ivan Korshunov: You can end this all with one phone call Mr. President!
President James Marshall: [after seeing an enemy plane being blown up] HAHAHA. The good guys are here.

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