I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans. Cara Delevingne
Do I wear a helmet? Ugh. I do when I'm riding through a precarious part of town, meaning Midtown traffic. But when I'm riding on secure protected lanes or on the paths that run along the Hudson or through Central Park - no, I don't wear the dreaded helmet then. David Byrne
I myself was born beside a river - the Avon in Sarum. So when I first encountered New York's great harbor and the Hudson River as a teenager, and came to understand their historic canal and railroad links to the vast spaces of the Midwest, I felt both the thrill of a new adventure and a deep sense of homecoming. Edward Rutherfurd
The last couple of roles I missed out on went to Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Biel and Olivia Wilde. Amy Schumer
I love inspirational R&B, like Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson. I want to do that. That kind of music stays with you. Ashthon Jones