Two Texas cowboys head to Mexico in search of work, but soon find themselves in trouble with the law after one of them falls in love with a wealthy rancher's daughter.

Lacey: Where'd you git this gun?
Jimmy: At the gittin' place.
Lacey: You're just a deadhead. Just tell me one thing. What the hell would we want you with us for?
Jimmy: 'Cause I'm an American.
Captain Raul: Some crazy people can say that God is here. But God is not here. Everybody knows that God is not here.
John Grady Cole: Lacey once asked me if I though God looks out for people. I guess he does. I say He's just about got to. I don't believe we'd make it a day, otherwise.
[first lines]
John Grady Cole: You ever think about dyin'?
Lacey: Yeah. You?
John Grady Cole: Yeah.
Lacey: So, you think there's a heaven?
John Grady Cole: Yeah. Don't you?
Lacey: I don't know. Yeah, maybe. You think you can believe there's a heaven if you don't believe in hell?
John Grady Cole: I guess you can believe what you want to.
Doña Alfonsa: In the end, Mr. Cole...
Doña Alfonsa: ...we all get cured of our sentiments.
Doña Alfonsa: Those whom life doesn't cure...
Doña Alfonsa: ...death will.
John Grady Cole: I guess the country lasts forever, people ain't but for a little while.
John Grady Cole: What the hell are you doing?
Jimmy: Just sittin' here.
John Grady Cole: If this rain hits hard, there's gonna be a river come down through here like a train. You thought about that?
Jimmy: You ain't never been struck by lightning. You don't know what it's like.
John Grady Cole: You're gonna get drowned sittin' there.
Jimmy: Why that's all right, I ain't never been drowned before.
John Grady Cole: Well...I say no more.
John Grady Cole: [dreaming] What's it like being dead?
Jimmy: It ain't like nothin' at all.
John Grady Cole: [to Raul] I'm not going to kill you. I'm not like you.
Judge: In all the years I've been sitting on this bench I heard a lots of things that give me grave doubts about the human race. This ain't one of them.
John Grady Cole: Mister I got trouble you never even heard of.
[last lines]
John Grady Cole: I thought you might want your old horse back.
Lacey: Damn, bud.

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