Based on the video game, Alone in the Dark focuses on Edward Carnby, a detective of the paranormal, who slowly unravels a mysterious events with deadly results.

[first lines]
Prof. Lionel Hudgens: [narrating] In 1967, mine workers discovered the first remnants of a long lost Native American civilization - The Abkani. The Abkani believed that there are two worlds on this planet, a world of light and a world of darkness. 10,000 years ago the Abkani opened a gate between these worlds. Before they could close it, something evil slipped through. The Abkani mysteriously vanished from the Earth. Only a few artifacts remained, hidden in the world's most remote places. These artifacts speak of terrifying creatures that thrive in the darkness, waiting for the day when the gate can be opened again. Bureau 713, the government's paranormal research agency, was established to uncover the dark secrets of this lost civilization. Under the direction of archaeologist Lionel Hudgens, Bureau 713 began collecting Abkani artifacts. When the government shut down his controversial research, Hudgens built a laboratory hidden within an abandonded gold mine. There, he conducted savage experiments on orphaned children in an attempt to merge man with creature. Hudgens victims survived as "sleepers" - lost souls awaiting the moment of their calling.
[repeated line]
Edward Carnby: What the hell's going on here?
Young Boy: What's the matter, mister? You have a nightmare?
Edward Carnby: Yeah. I was sitting... alone in the dark... hearing noises.
Young Boy: My mommy says that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark.
Edward Carnby: Your mother's wrong, kid. Being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive.
Edward Carnby: If they disrupt electricity, how come my flashlight still works?
Aline Cedrac: I thought you were dead, asshole.
Cabbie: You travel light.
Edward Carnby: I carry enough baggage for the both of us.
Edward Carnby: [voice-over] Fear is what protects you from the things you don't believe in.
[last lines]
Edward Carnby: [voice-over] The gate was closed again. But, like the Abkani discovered there's a price to pay for bringing darkness into the light. The Abkani people were wiped off the face of the Earth. And now it looks like it's happening all over again.
Edward Carnby: [voice-over] I learned the truth a long time ago. Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it can't kill you.
Edward Carnby: I was tracking poachers across their lines in the Amazon when I hooked up with some ex-Chilean military trafficking artifacts on the black market.
Edward Carnby: Aline come on, come on! This way! This way! Come on! Come on! COME ON! This way! Better get out of here. Come on!
Aline Cedrac: I think it's Abkani!
Cmdr. Richard Burke: This doesn't make any sense.

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