Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover their new turf is not as deserted as it seems.

Brittany: Of course. That's why the water was so hot. It's being heated by an underground magma chamber.
Eleanor: How do you know that?
Brittany: I have no idea the place where I get my nails done always has the science channel on maybe I accidentally paid attention.
Alvin: Simon!
Brittany: Uh... Alvin? You're starting to sound like Dave.
Alvin: [gasps] Noooooooooooo!
Zoe: [Simon and Theodore are bungee jumping] We're having the best time. Why did you have to show up and be so uptight?
Alvin: Me, uptight? I'm not the uptight one. I'm the fun one. The cool one. Ask anyone!
Zoe: Who should I ask?
Dave: [looking for the chipmunks] Alvin! Britney!
Ian: Chubby one! Girl chubby one!
Brittany: Since I'm not the pretty one anymore, maybe I should build a shelter too.
Alvin: Yeah, good luck with that.
Brittany: You think I can't do it?
Alvin: Hey, I didn't say that, Brit. I thought it, but I didn't say it.
Simone: Would you care to join me on my adventure?
Theodore: What adventure?
Simone: The adventure called life!
Theodore: [thinks about it] Okay, but just until Dave shows up.
Eleanor: I think I sprained my ankle!
Zoe: Ooh, you know what. You should put some ice on that.
[everyone looks at her]
Zoe: Oh no, guys I don't have any ice. I live there in that tree. I just thought that maybe you did, though.
Simon: No, we don't have any ice. Just like we don't have any shelter.
Zoe: Wow, that's a major bummer for you. Do you guys like bungee jumping?
Dave: All right, Ian get everyone to the raft. If the volcano blows before I make it out of here, you have to promise me you'll-...
Ian: Leave without you. Got it!
Alvin: We're alive! We're alive!
Brittany: Good, 'cause now I'm going to kill you!
Alvin: I think I know why Dave hasn't come.
Brittany: You do? Why?
Alvin: 'Cause he's not even looking.
Brittany: Alvin, why wouldn't he be looking for us?
Alvin: Because I drive him crazy. you know the way Simon's been driving me crazy? I mean, that's what I've been doing to Dave for years. No wonder he hates me.
Brittany: Oh, don't worry, Alvin. I'm sure Dave will come. I mean, he certainly loves Simon and Theodore.
Dave: Take the suit off, then.
Ian: I can't.
Dave: Why not?
Ian: I'm not wearing anything under it.
[sees an island]
Ian: Look!
Dave: It's okay. I believe you.
Ian: No, look!
Simone: [to Alvin] Au revoir, Alfred!
Ian: Not many record studios want to hire the guy that blew it with the chipmunks, blew it with the chipettes, and passed on Justin Bieber. Twice, actually.
Simone: I see you are sad, mon ami, and I hate to see you sad. I will help you find your friend Dave.
Theodore: You really think you can find him?
Simone: I know I can! and then I will find this Simon you keep speaking of!
Zoe: All right, Calloway, I need you to go in there and find Simone. I know you can do it little buddy.
[throws golf ball into water]
Jeanette: Uh, you're kidding. Right?
Zoe: If Calloway can't find, him nobody can-...
[ball hits her in head]
Zoe: Uh, ow!
Jeanette: [gasps] Simone!
Zoe: [rubbing her head] Told ya.
Jeanette: Stop it! Stop it! One day on this island and we've become... animals!
Zoe: Yeah! Wasn't that awesome?
Simon: No, it was not awesome! It's a miracle we got here safely. In fact, the odds of a chipmunk getting hurt on a zip line are one out of six.
Eleanor: [falling] Aaaaaah!
Dave: Simon?
Simon: I wasn't betting. Honest!
Casino Guy: Your winnings, sir.
Alvin: Guys, we're chipmunks! We're used to living in the wild!
Brittany: Uh, no. We're chipmunks that used to be used to living in the wild!
Alvin: Oh, my acorns!
Alvin: You can follow me on Critter.
Zoe: Now wasn't that a pleasant ride?
Eleanor: Good thing we don't wear pants!
Alvin: [as James Bond] I like my tail shaken, not stirred.

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