A troubled hedge fund magnate desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire makes an error that forces him to turn to an unlikely person for help.

[first lines]
Maria Bartiromo: But you took a huge bet on the housing crisis in the middle of the biggest boom in housing anybody has ever seen. Why?
Robert Miller: I'm a child of the '50s. My father welded steel for the Navy, and my mother worked at the V.A. They lived through the Depression, Pearl Harbor, and the bomb. They didn't think that bad things might happen. They knew that bad things would happen.
Maria Bartiromo: Is that what's happening now?
Robert Miller: When I was a kid, my favorite teacher was Mr. James. Mr. James said world events all revolve around five things. M - O - N - E - Y.
Syd Felder: What's baffling to me, despite your sentimental history together, is why you would put your family's future in this kid's hands.
Robert Miller: He's not like us.
Syd Felder: Is that a good thing?
Ellen Miller: You broke our little girl's heart.
Robert Miller: That's how it all works, Ellen. You know that.
Ellen Miller: I know, but she didn't.
Robert Miller: She'll be better for it. The world is cold.
Ellen Miller: Then you're gonna need a warm coat.
Det. Michael Bryer: [talking on the phone] Yeah... I need a serious fucking favor.
Det. Michael Bryer: [interrogating] You stay on the phone for a minute and a half with a wrong number. What the fuck do you talk about? Area codes?
Ellen Miller: It's all going to be fine. It always is. Just follow the plan.
Robert Miller: And what is that plan?
Ellen Miller: Confidence equals contract.
Robert Miller: You sound like a fortune cookie.
Ellen Miller: They are your words, actually.
Robert Miller: Then you married an idiot.
Robert Miller: This is a trust, in your name, assets of two million dollars. Take a look at that.
Jimmy Grant: Are you serious? You think money's gonna fix this? Huh?
Robert Miller: [perplexed] What else is there?
Robert Miller: What you did is way beyond the money.
Jimmy Grant: Nothing id beyond money for you, Robert. We both know that.
[last lines]
Brooke Miller: And to receive this prestigious award, I invite now to the stage the man who led this generous effort. And whose financial trading firm, Miller Capital, was just this morning acquired by Standard Bank and Trust. A dedicated businessman, a family man, philanthropist, and all-around humanitarian. A man I am very lucky to call my mentor, my friend, and my father. Mr. Robert Miller...
[standing applause]

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