In 1978 rural Pennsylvania an absentee father is reacquainted with his estranged teenage sons and they become intrigued with romanticized life of crime.

Brad Whitewood Jr.: Is this the gun you used?
Brad Whitewood Sr.: That's a nice looking gun.
Brad Whitewood Jr.: Is this the gun you used to kill Tommy? Tommy's dead isn't he?
Brad Whitewood Sr.: Don't even talk about Tommy.
Brad Whitewood Jr.: Is this the gun you used to kill Terry?
Brad Whitewood Sr.: I didn't do nothing to Terry.
[Brad Jr. fires a shot]
Brad Whitewood Sr.: NO! NO! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!
Brad Whitewood Jr.: IS THIS THE GUN YOU USED ON EVERYONE? ON ME? Is this the family gun Dad?
Brad Whitewood Sr.: Ever been out west, Tommy?
Tommy Whitewood: No.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: Ever heard a coyote?
Tommy Whitewood: No.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: They make this sound like "woo, woo, woo!" Coyote bitch gets in heat. First thing she does, she take care of the males. Then she heads toward town. All the neighborhood dogs, they smell her. They go crazy. They follow her. She lures them out on to the desert. Coyote get dog out there... alone. All the other coyote come along, they circle 'round... they kill that dog, eat it. Tommy, if you go in front of that grand jury, what will you say?
Tommy Whitewood: Nothing.
Tommy Whitewood: Dad...
Brad Whitewood Sr.: LIAR!
[he shoots him]
Brad Whitewood Sr.: If it's blood, don't break it.
[last lines]
Brad Whitewood Jr.: [crying] He's my father.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: [to Brad, Jr] Boy ain't got the life expectancy of a housefly.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: You scared yet? You oughta be.
Terry: I'm not scared of you.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: You scared yet? No?
Brad Whitewood Sr.: I just bought this car. It's cherry. Will you give me $4600 for her?
Jill: You got a name?
Brad Whitewood Jr.: Brad?
Jill: You don't sound so sure.
Terry: The answer is no.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: I ain't asking.
Terry: The answer is no
[Brad throws Terry on the bed and starts raping her]
Mary Sue: [to Brad, Jr] You remind me of a guy I knew in high school - only he was a real doofus.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: That's Tony Pine - he's epileptic.
Uncle Patch Whitewood: [to Brad, Jr] Let's me and you go into the next room and start sniffin' some ideas.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: How old are you anyway?
Brad Whitewood Jr.: Old enough.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: Damn!
Brad Whitewood Jr.: [to Terry] I thought about your smile a lot.
Brad Whitewood Sr.: Most people who drive through here see farms. Houses, and fields, and shit. I see money, I see things, everything got my name writ' on it!
Ernie: [referring to the TV] I need some sleep. You turn that damn thing on again, I'll beat the Jesus out of you.
Brad Whitewood Jr.: There ain't no Jesus in me, Ernie.

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