Tasked with destroying each other, an FBI agent and a rogue DIA agent soon discover that there's a much bigger enemy at work.

Ecks: Where did you get all this ordnance?
Sever: Some women buy shoes.
Ross: Sir, with all due respect, taking out both Sever and Ecks is an unacceptable level of exposure.
Robert Gant: Hmm, let's see. You lost my son. You just lost my wife. You think I've lost my mind too?
Ross: I didn't set this situation in play. You did. I warned you of the risks.
Robert Gant: Your job is to fix my messes! It should never have gotten this far. Now... let's get this over with.
Robert Gant: There are no innocent people in this world Sever, you know that. Only killers and victims.
Ross: Enjoy your time in Vancouver.
Agent Harry Lee: Where is our mysterious killer?
Ecks: She's not a killer.
Agent Harry Lee: Then what is she?
Ecks: She's a mother.
Agent Harry Lee: Okay then, where is she?
Ecks: You rise for the ashes with a license to do whatever you want.
Clark: Power and profit. It's what we do. Where are my wife and son?
Ecks: Last time I checked they were not yours.
Agent Harry Lee: My daughter wanted to know why you look so sad. I told her it's because you just got beat up by a girl.
Ecks: Let's finish this.
Government Agent: Forget this, we'll do it the hard way.
Ecks: Not a very healthy attitude.
Robert Gant: How much time do we have?
Ross: Based on our tests, we have 28 hours left as of now.
Robert Gant: And then my son dies? Do whatever it takes, Ross. Get me Michael.
Ross: You know who we're up against. You know what she wants.
Robert Gant: Well, I can't give it to her, can I?
Robert Gant: You were supposed to protect my son.
Agent Curtis: [stammering] Uh... she took us by surpise.
Robert Gant: How do I explain that to my wife?
Agent Curtis: I... uh... I...
Robert Gant: Back in the Middle Ages, in more noble times, when a knight failed his king, that knight would throw himself onto his sword to avoid the humiliation of being ostracized by his peers for his incompetence and cowardice.
Agent Curtis: Sir?
Robert Gant: [holds out a large .45 pistol] Do the honorable thing, Agent Curtis. Take the gun.
[Curtis takes the pistol from Gant]
Robert Gant: Put it against your head.
[Curtis puts the gun to his head]
Robert Gant: Pull the trigger.
[Curtis hesitates]
Robert Gant: Now!
[last lines]
Ecks: Thank you.
Sever: Take care of your family.
Ecks: I will.
Sever: [to kidnapping accusation] By the way, I'm the bitch protecting him.
[Ecks is looking at a photo of a young girl]
Agent Harry Lee: That's my daughter. Her name's Mali.
Ecks: Do you love her?
Agent Harry Lee: Yes, of course.
Ecks: Then get out of this business.
Julio Martin: [to Ross] What's the matter, someone get too much foam in their latté?
Ecks: [to Clark] She's gonna kill you. Good luck...
Ross: [about Ecks/Sever battling] Do not let them cancel each other.
Robert Gant: [after Sever shoots him in his arm] All that training... is that the best that you can do?
Sever: No. This is.
[Sever pushes the button for the micro device, killing him]
[first lines]
Agent Curtis: Good evening Mrs. Gant.
Vinn: What does my husband want now?
Agent Curtis: The plan has changed. He is now available to spend time with Michael.
Julio Martin: You're sweating.
Ross: It's been raining.
DIA Commando: There's too much collateral motion, please advise!
Ross: Call in the local PD, we'll use them for cover!