When the farmer's away, all the animals play ... and sing, and dance. Eventually, though, someone has to step in and run things, a responsibility that ends up going to Otis, a carefree cow.

Ben the Cow: Otis, a strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others.
Otis the Cow: That's what you call boy tipping...
Mrs. Beady: Randall, There is a cow outside.
Mr. Beady: This is a cow farm. You're gonna find cows outside.
Otis the Cow: [Miles has kicked the farmer unconscious a third time] WILL YOU... STOP... DOING... THAT?
Miles the Mule: Well, unless you get him a blindfold, I'm gonna kick him!
Pizza Delivery Guy: Dude, I got a ARM!
Dag the Coyote: See ya around. Get it? "Round"? You're fat.
Daisy the Cow: [feels her stomach] Oh, my... I think, the baby's coming!
Otis the Cow: WHAT?
Daisy the Cow: [giggles] I made you jump.
Otis the Cow: Oh, thank you. Very much. I swallowed my cud!
Daisy the Cow: [laughs, then looks up at the stars] It's so... beautiful...
Otis the Cow: My cud?
Barn Boys: Now, every heifer, every cow, hold tight to your udders now/Farmer Brown is beddin' down, let's turn this barn to Funkytown/Chickens on the left, dance with your neighbor, Hogs, don't slobber on the pool table/Try to go easy on the manure, it's a dance floor, not a sewer
Freddy the Ferret: [the unconscious farmer has discovered the animals] He knows too much! We gotta take care of him. We gotta whack him!
Otis the Cow: There will be NO WHACKING! Okay? The farmer's a good guy! He's been good to us.
Miles the Mule: He's a vegan! God bless him.
Pig the Pig: And, uh, what is a vegan again?
Freddy the Ferret: Oh, I know this one...
Pip the Mouse: Naw, I got it... it means you can't eat anything with a face.
Peck the Rooster: No, no, that's a vegetarian.
Pig the Pig: Vegetarians have to eat in the dark, right?
Duke the Dog: That's a VAMPIRE. C'mon!
Pip the Mouse: You can't eat cheese?
Bessy the Cow: It's not just cheese, vegans can't have ANY dairy products.
Peck the Rooster: Cake?
Pig the Pig: Cake has egg products...
Pip the Mouse: But you can't have any dairy!
Freddy the Ferret: No dairy? But I LOVE dairy! Does that mean I can't be a vegan?
Pig the Pig: I love the smell of bacon! There, I said it.
[the animals all gasp as the farmer awakens and reacts. Miles kicks him in the head a second time]
Miles the Mule: It's not like we have a lot of options.
Ben the Cow: Grey market goods. As if I needed to say it again, the purchase of human articles from the gopher underground is strictly prohibited.
Otis the Cow: [Otis cellphone] HELLO MOTO!
[start to play the Motorola tune, Otis coyly answers]
Gopher: Hey, Otis!
Gopher: Listen, I think your Nikes are...
Otis the Cow: [whispering] Yeah, this, really isn't the best time...
Pip the Mouse: I got a pulse. Wheeee!
Pig the Pig: [watching Daisy giving birth] Man, that looks like it hurts.
Duke the Dog: Oh, that's very profound, 'Insight Man'.
Pig the Pig: Well excuse me for being a pig!
Eddy the Cow: [Otis and the Jersey cows are running from the cops] Two all-beef patties! That's our future!
Mrs. Beady: Nathan Randall the third, I am not crazy, I am medicated for a chemical imbalance, don't you sit there and think that I am crazy.
Ben the Cow: Put the hen down, Dag.