Novelist Catherine Tramell is once again in trouble with the law, and Scotland Yard appoints psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass to evaluate her. Though, like Detective Nick Curran before him, Glass is entranced by Tramell and lured into a seductive game.

Roy Washburn: What were you doing at 100 miles per hour?
Catherine Tramell: He was making me cum. And it was 110. We must've hit a pothole.
Roy Washburn: Kevin Franks died. You don't seem very worried.
Catherine Tramell: I'm devastated... I may never cum again
Jakob Gerst: So we've been considering those who wish to control others through their insecurity and their narcissism. To study Nietzsche psychobiographically may seem naive. Wasn't it Nietzsche's work itself, which through deconstructive and post-structuralist readings induced the death of psychobiography?
Catherine Tramell: I might be manipulating you to create risk for myself.
Dr. Michael Glass: I'm not the one on trial for murder.
Catherine Tramell: Not yet.
Catherine Tramell: When you think about fucking me, and I know you do, how do you picture it... doctor?
Milena Gardosh: The beauty about antisocial behavior is that it takes you away from other people, however briefly.
Catherine Tramell: You know how some guys are into blondes, and some guys are into killers?
Dr. Michael Glass: All addiction is progressive. The addict always needs to take greater risks.
Catherine Tramell: If you follow inter-subjectivity to its natural end, aren't you asking who's the patient and who's the doctor?
Catherine Tramell: Nick used to say: "Death is always there.It's the only thing that's real." Except maybe sex sometimes.
[to Glass]
Catherine Tramell: You know what I like about you? You enjoy being in control. Like me.
Catherine Tramell: Even Oedipus didn't see his mother coming.