A dramatization of Nazi Germany's final Western Front counterattack of World War II.

Sgt. Guffy: Here's your half, 320 dollars, now what'd you make?
Louise: 1,230 dollars.
Sgt. Guffy: Oh? Whatta you been sellin? I don't see much stock gone.
Louise: Take it.
Sgt. Guffy: I won't take it until I know how you made it. What do you think I am?
Louise: What do you think I am?
Cpl. Conrad: This new command is an illusion. Give it up.
Col. Martin Hessler: I am Martin Hessler. Four years ago, my panzers overran Poland in one week, that was no illusion. In 39 days, my tanks smashed all the way to Paris, that was no illusion. I conquered the Crimea, that was no illusion. Today, I was given a brigade of Tiger tanks. When I have a brigade of tanks, THAT is reality.
Joe: What am I doing up here? It's like flying inside a light bulb.
Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley: A lot of guys are gonna die to keep you safe and cozy.
Joe: You sure know how to hit below the belt, Colonel... that's dirty fighting.
Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley: This isn't a pillow fight, Joe... sorry it hurts.
Joe: If we were a hundred feet higher, I'd jump and leave you here.
Col. Martin Hessler: The Russian Front does not put meat on a man's bones.
Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley: Burn it!
Col. Martin Hessler: I did not lose a war to die in the back seat of a car.
Col. Martin Hessler: Germans are still the best toy makers in the World!
Col. Martin Hessler: Release the boy... Shoot the father!
Gen. Kohler: Field Marshall Goering himself gave me that painting. Lovely, isn't it?
Col. Martin Hessler: I imagine he found a bargain in Paris last year.
Sgt. Guffy: Hold it hold it, pull up, we got brass on our tail, pull it forward you idiot!
[mutters under his breath to the officers]
Sgt. Guffy: Drop dead.
[then back to his driver]
Sgt. Guffy: Pull it forward you idiot!
Col. Martin Hessler: Our column has made the farthest advance! We have outrun the other Panzers! The eyes of Germany are on us! The Fuhrer himself will decorate me. We have done it Conrad! We have done it!
Cpl. Conrad: Then I was wrong. We have won the war.
Col. Martin Hessler: No.
Cpl. Conrad: You mean we have lost?
Col. Martin Hessler: No.
Cpl. Conrad: I don't understand. If we have not won, and we have not lost, than what is happening?
Col. Martin Hessler: The best thing possible is happening - the war will go on.
Cpl. Conrad: For how long?
Col. Martin Hessler: Indefinitely. On, and on, and on!
Cpl. Conrad: But it must come to an end.
Col. Martin Hessler: You're a fool Conrad. Those of us who understood knew in 1941 that we could never win.
Cpl. Conrad: You mean Colonel for three years we have been fighting without any hope of victory?
Col. Martin Hessler: There are many kinds of victory. For the German Army to survive, for us to remain in uniform - that is our victory. Conrad, the world is not going to get rid of us after all.
Cpl. Conrad: But, when do we go home?
Col. Martin Hessler: This is our home.
Cpl. Conrad: And my sons? When do I see them? What will become of them?
Col. Martin Hessler: They will become German soldiers, and you will be proud of them.
Col. Martin Hessler: Conrad, do you still have any of those delicacies left you offered me at Ambleve?
Cpl. Conrad: Yes, sir.
Col. Martin Hessler: Prepare them for me. I'm in very good appetite!
Cpl. Conrad: The truth... is that I'm a fool. I believed in you, but all that you believe in, is the war. You have the war, you like the war. And all I have are my sons and I don't want to lose them.
Col. Martin Hessler: I am not responsible for your children.
Cpl. Conrad: You are. You would make them soldiers.
Col. Martin Hessler: Yes, and they will fight.
Cpl. Conrad: And they will die?
Col. Martin Hessler: If necessary.
Cpl. Conrad: Necessary for who? For you?
Col. Martin Hessler: You are not only a fool, you are a traitor.
Cpl. Conrad: And you are a murderer! You would murder my sons. You would murder my country. You would murder the whole world, to stay in that uniform.
Gen. Grey: They've made mistakes before. Where've they made one this time?
Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley: Well, they got me mad at them.
Lt. Weaver: [speaking to U.S. Army M.P.s he knew were Germans in disguise at the fuel supply camp, in a sarcastic voice] Does the road to Amblève still lead to Malmedy?
[then he shoots them]
Maj. Wolenski: Where do you think you're going?
1st Cook: To the shelter.
Maj. Wolenski: No you're not. Grab your rifles and come with me.
1st Cook: But we're cooks!
Maj. Wolenski: [pauses] Lunch is over! Grab your rifles!
Gen. Kohler: From the American commander of Bastogne to the German commander. Nuts. Nuts.
Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley: [Kiley is selecting men for a night patrol] I'll take that sergeant.
Maj. Wolenski: OK. But I'll pick the rest of your volunteers.
Col. Martin Hessler: I am not in the habit of executing prisoners, but I would have no problem shooting you myself for that last remark
Maj. Wolenski: Then do it!
Sgt. Guffy: [after kissing Louise goodbye] Don't forget to feed the chickens.
Von Diepel: General Kohler says we are behind schedule. He wants to know what's holding us up.
Col. Martin Hessler: Tell the general the Americans are learning how to retreat.
Maj. Wolenski: You listen to me Colonel,there are survivors in all massacres. And I warn you, if any of my men are harmed, you will be held responsible. There'll be no place on this earth that you can hide, and when you're found, I hope I'm the man that ties the rope around your neck.
Sgt. Guffy: It's like hitting them with tennis balls!
Col. Martin Hessler: They have the fuel and planes to fly Cake over the Atlantic Ocean.
Col. Martin Hessler: Do you know what this means?