Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.

Ethan Wate: Everybody has to deal with shit in their lives Lena. You want to be a normal human what do you think that is? We don't have powers to change anything anytime we want. Being human is feeling bad, it's feeling pissed off, it's feeling scared, it's you not being able to do anything about it until you don't feel that way anymore till you can just see your way out of it. And I yelled at you because I care about you, that's what normal people do who love each other! When one of them is acting like a brat! Now would you please stop raining on me!
Reverend Stephens: I don't want to preach today, instead I just wanna talk to you, about a word we don't hear much anymore. Sacrifice. It's not what I would call a modern word. People hear the word sacrifice, and they become afraid that something will be taken away from them or that they will have to give up something they couldn't live without. Sacrifice, to them, means loss in a world telling us we could have it all. But I believe true sacrifice is a victory. That's because it requires free will to give up something for someone you love, or something or someone you love more than yourself. I won't lie to you. It's a gamble. Sacrifice wont take away pain and loss, but it wins the battle against bitterness, the bitterness that dims the light on all of the true value in our lives.
Ethan Wate: Memories are erased. One look back at the sign, i remembered. I remembered you. Every moment we spent together. The secrets we kept. Everything came flooding back into my heart.
Amma: God gives us what we can handle, even if we don't believe it ourselves.
Ethan Wate: No! I'm sick of listening to your family. I have been chased, spun, hypnotized, paralyzed, and damn near killed by your family. I have been going out of my mind for the past two weeks, then your mother shows up on my door step and damn near gives me a heart attack but you know what I don't care about them, about the curse, you are not going dark and you are not losing me! No matter what they do, no matter what they do to me, I'm still here.
Lena Duchannes: I could hear the sound. The sound was me breaking. I cried because he had lived, because he had died. I was shattered. I was saved. I only knew the girl I was, was gone. He was right. No good could come from loving a mortal. They can't survive our world. Get out, go Ethan. Claim yourself, in defiance, in hope, in love, in fury, in gratitude. Claim the light. Claim the dark, Claim it all. Nothing can stay.
Lena Duchannes: ...My family's... different.
Ethan Wate: Different how?
Lena Duchannes: We do things... We do *different* things...
Ethan Wate: So, what - you're from Europe?
Ethan Wate: My momma says there's two types of people that live in Gatlin, the people too stupid to leave and the ones too stuck to move.
Ethan Wate: I'm Ethan Wate.
Lena Duchannes: Ethan Wate? You mean *the* Ethan Wate drove me home?
Ethan Wate: You've... You've heard of me?
Lena Duchannes: No.
Ethan Wate: Don't worry you'll find it, just look under how not to turn into your mother.
Lena Duchannes: You can't help it can you?
Ethan Wate: What?
Lena Duchannes: Fitting in anywhere, drooling charm.
Ethan Wate: I never know whether your insulting me or not.
Lena Duchannes: I'm sorry.
Ethan Wate: Hey i like it. If it makes any difference, uh, i like you.
Emily Asher: I pray every night that you don't go straight to hell.
Ethan Wate: Oh, I won't go straight to hell, Emily. I wanna stop off in New York first.
Lena Duchannes: There's a new world mama. It ain't all dark, and it ain't all light, and it ain't all ours.
Lena Duchannes: Ethan promise me one thing; it will be a perfectly normal human date.
Ethan Wate: I swear. I won't even call you after the date.
Lena Duchannes: Jerk.
Ethan Wate: Witch.
Lena Duchannes: Jock.
Ethan Wate: Your gonna think I'm so uncool.
Lena Duchannes: It's OK. I don't think you're cool now.
Ethan Wate: What I can't figure is, you go to church everyday, how do you believe in all of this and still believe in God?
Amma: God created all things didn't he? Only man will decide which ones is mistakes.
Ethan Wate: [under Macon Ravenwood's spell] ... I'll get my teaching degree, and, and, probably teach at the high school... Or maybe I'll take over the library from Amma... I'll, I'll probably marry Emily Asher and we'll have two kids, but... I'll never make enough money for her, so I'll start drinkin'... Get three DUIs and lose my job, and uh, have an affair on and off with Savannah Snow 'til I'm 49; the kids will live with their mother after we divorce - then when I'm 52 I'll have my first heart attack; another one at 63. I'll move into an apartment above 'The Wayward Dog' bar and help them sweep up after hours for free drinks, and then when I'm 64, I'll hang myself... But they won't find the body right away, until I stink...
Macon Ravenwood: Well... You've got it all planned out! Good for you!
Ethan Wate: Is it good?
Lena Duchannes: Define good.
Amma: Did you go for a run last night?
Ethan Wate: Yep.
Amma: Did it help you sleep?
Ethan Wate: I envy people in comas.
Ethan Wate: You still don't get it do you? I don't want to be any further away from you than I am right now. One way or another... Love is a risk for anybody... Go ahead, kill me.
Ethan Wate: [Lena has just made the lianas outside her window grow] Woah. Can you make anything grow?
Ethan Wate: I'm agreeing with you! Ok, I'm just a dumb ass mortal who can't make his own thunder, but I know there's no way were gonna figure this out unless you stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself! Go ahead! Start an earthquake, see where that gets you.
Mrs. Lincoln: I'm not afraid of you, or your evil kind. God our creator will condemn you to hellfire along with terrorists, atheists, homosexuals, democrats, liberals, socialists... Greenpeace... and all the other unnatural abominations.
Lena Duchannes: Bless your heart, sugar. You must have been first in your litter.
Ethan Wate: My mom always said that people in Gatlin were either too stupid to leave or to stuck to move.
Mrs. Lincoln: Well, slap my ass and call me Sally!
Amma: Close your eyes, say with your mind what you're looking for as if you've already found it.
Ethan Wate: There are no coincidences.
Savannah Snow: [as Lena walks out of "Finale Destination 6"] See... even Satan hates sequels!
Lena Duchannes: Genevieve used the forbidden spell to give life to the one she loved. To break the curse, the one that I love has to die.
Ethan Wate: [Narrating] We don't get movies here until they're already out on DVD, and they always get the titles wrong
[He goes by a marquee showing "Interception" starring Leo DiCaprio]
Ethan Wate: There's no way that what Lena and I feel for each other is going to turn into something wrong and evil. There's no way.
Macon Ravenwood: As long as I live I will never understand you creatures. You have no real power, you live at the mercy of forces outside of your control and yet you believe that what you feel, will somehow make it alright.
Ethan Wate: You know what I can't figure is, you go to Church every Sunday. How do you believe in all this and still believe in God?
Amma: God created all things, didn't he? It's only men who go and decide which ones are mistakes.
Amma: Casters have been fighting alongside mortals for centuries. Just because they're supernatural don't make them any smarter.
Ethan Wate: I can understand why young men signed up for the civil war anything is better than a life standing still.