In a suburb of London, young Jamie is escaping sport hours, to avoid being the victim of his comrades. Young Ste, his neighbor, is beaten by his father, and comes to sleep overnight. They discover new feelings, sleeping in the same bed.

Jamie: You know who Claude Monet is?
Sandra: Jamie, don't make me out to be thick.
Jamie: Who was he then?
Sandra: He painted the Sixteenth Chapel.
Miss Chauhan: BALLS, Mr. Bennett!
Sandra: Where are you going?
Jamie: Out with my mates.
Sandra: Jamie... you ain't got any mates.
Sandra: [Talking about Ste after he rushes off, obviously upset] What's his problem?
Jamie: He's in love, that's all.
Sandra: What happened? School burned down, did it?
Jamie: Yeah.
Sandra: What was it this time? IRA bomb?
Jamie: Fundamentalist Muslim pyromaniacs.
Sandra: Oh, funny, that. Looked all right when I walked past it.
Jamie: Scared of being called "queer"?
Ste: Are you?
Jamie: Maybe... maybe not.
Ste: And are ya?
Jamie: Queer?
Ste: Gay.
Jamie: Very happy. I'm happy when I'm with you...
Leah Russell: I wish I was the one that was going away. Nothing ever happens around here. I gets up in the morning, bake my face in half a ton of slap, tong my hair with yesterday's lacquer, that's it. It's the same every bleeding day. There's fuck-all to look forward to.
Ste: Do you think I'm queer?
Jamie Gangel: It don't matter what I think.
Miss Chauhan: Right, now, this is Mr. Bennett and he's gonna be taking the boys for football. Mr. Bennett foolishly wants to be a teacher.
[McBride and the other boys are talking quietly, but including the word "fucking" several times, making Miss Chauhan's comments about Mr. Bennett barely audible. Jamie then looks across to McBride]
Ryan McBride: What you fucking looking at?
Miss Chauhan: Er, less fucking and more attention please.
[She looks across to Gina, who is obviously pregnant]
Miss Chauhan: Something you might have said to your boyfriend, that, Gina.
Ste: [reading magazine] You cannot transmit the HIV virus by frottage.
Ste: What's frottage?
Jamie Gangel: It's yogurt. It's French.
Sandra: You're pissed! From a bloody gay bar!
Jamie: How do you know it's a gay bar?
Sandra: Cos it's got a bloody great pink neon arse outside of it!
Jamie: You're not ugly.
Ste: They've made me ugly.
Jamie: [hearing phone ring] That'll be the phone.
Sandra: Well it wouldn't be the bloody Hoover bag, would it?
Sandra Gangel: Now you just remember I won a year's supply of toilet freshener for making up that poem. That took brains and artistry, that did.
Jamie: Where'd you meet my mum?
Tony: Planet Earth!
Jamie: Yeah, but where?
Tony: A place is just somewhere where shit happens.
Jamie: Yeah, but where?
Tony: Gateways.
Sandra: It's not natural, is it?
Jamie: What ain't?
Sandra: A girl her age being into Mama Cass.
Leah: She's got a really beautiful voice.
Sandra: And what's wrong with Madonna?
Leah: She's a slag.
Sandra: Hypocrite.
Ste: There ain't nowhere else.
Sandra: There is, actually, Ste. There's an island in the Mediterranean called Lesbian, and all its inhabitants are dykes. So you've got your eye wiped there.
Ste: You always wear glasses when you read?
Jamie: Supposed to.
Ste: But you don't at school.
Jamie: It's hardly fetching, is it?
Ste: Nah, looks all right.
Jamie: Really?
Ste: I'm tellin' ya.
Jamie: Cheers.
Sandra: Jamie, who played the Baroness in the Sound of Music?
Jamie: Eleanor Parker!
Sandra: All I want outta life is enough money to buy a decent pair o'shoes that don't let in the rain.
Sandra: It's for his bird.
Tony: Do you have to use words like that? It really disempowers you.
Leah: Don't suppose you've got any jobs in your new pub?
Sandra: No. But if I ever do turn it into a brothel I'll get back to you, ok?
Leah: Come on Slasher, let's go.
Sandra: Slasher? What do you slash, crepe paper?
Leah: He's incontinent.
Leah: It's your bird. She talks to me like I've got "cunt" written on me forehead.
Tony: You shouldn't use words like "bird".