A son of the leader of a legendary group of an urban biker gang tries to retain his championship title.

Soul Train: Hear ye, hear ye, gather 'round. Black Knights in town. And all you mere mortals need to bow that ass down. 'Cause if you have never seen Smoke do his thing on a motorcycle, then you have never seen a brother on a motorcycle do his thang. Oh glory be to God y'all, 'cause you know he had a vision. He put Arthur Ashe on the clay, Jackie Robinson on the diamond, Muhammad Ali in the ring and my man Smoke on the two wheels. So don't be stu-stu-stuttering and standing yo ass around. Get down on your knees, and bow that ass... down. What!
Smoke: You still think you got enough heart to race me?
Kid: Shit I got enough heart to prove you aint half the man you think you are.
Smoke: Why don't we do that then. One thing though... If I win, you quit. No hustlin'. No racin'. No bullshit.
Kid: Now why would I stop racin', you seen what I can do.
Smoke: Don't mean shit without the crown. I'm the King of Cali, baby. Me. Smoke. These are my terms; I win, you quit. You want the ride or you scared?
Kid: I want the ride.
Smoke: Good.
Kid: But I don't wanna do it here. Let's do it in front of everybody. I'm sayin' Fresno. You wanna try to put me back on the straight and narrow, fine. You win I quit... But if I win, YOU quit. Now. You want that ride, or you scared?
Dogg: Kid, Kid... I don't know if I should waste my time whippin' your ass in this race, or take you 'cross my knee.
Tariq 'Slick Will': Burn rubber, not your soul, baby.
Smoke: Burn rubber, not your soul.
Donny: Yo what are you doin?
Stuntman: Gettin' ready to race.
Donny: Without a lid? You not just drunk you crazy!
Stuntman: Just consider it a reminder, in case you glance at me.
Donny: A reminder of what?
Stuntman: That your lid's about to become mine.
Donny: Yea right!
Wood: You talk like a man, let's see if you could ride like one.
Smoke: Damn, Kid, why can't we just talk? You know like...
Kid: Like what? Father and son?
Smoke: Naw, like friends...
Kid: We aint friends.
Smoke: Alright, father and son then...
Kid: We aint that either!
Smoke: Jaleel, I'm your father.
Kid: Fuck you Smoke!
Kid: I want your ass right now!
Smoke: What'd you say to me?
Kid: we're goin' legit...
Stuntman: we are?
Primo: you goin' after Smoke's crown aren't you?
Stuntman: Yea, that's what we're doin'
[to kid]
Stuntman: C-could you to tell this guy he's crazy so we can eat in peace?
Primo: Yea kid... tell me I'm crazy kid, tell me I'm crazy...
[after finding out that her son is a biker]
Anita: Do you know what we call bikers in the ER? Organ donors!
Jaleel 'Kid': We Racing or you making up an excuse?
Motherland: Say again?
Jaleel 'Kid': Are we racing, or you just 'blowing' Smoke?

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