123 elite U.S. soldiers drop into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis.

"Hoot": When I go home people'll ask me, "Hey Hoot, why do you do it man? What, you some kinda war junkie?" You know what I'll say? I won't say a goddamn word. Why? They won't understand. They won't understand why we do it. They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is.
"Hoot": Y'know what I think? Don't really matter what I think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window.
Eversmann: Nobody asks to be a hero, it just sometimes turns out that way.
Pilla: Colonel, they're shooting at us! Colonel, they're shooting at us!
McKnight: Well shoot back!
Garrison: Good luck, boys. Be careful. Nobody gets left behind.
Grimes: [looks at Eversmann's face]
Grimes: What's wrong?
Eversmann: Nothing. He's just never done that before.
Grimes: Oh, fuck!
"Hoot": Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window.
Eversmann: Look, these people, they have no jobs, no food, no education, no future. I just figure that we have two things we can do. Help, or we can sit back and watch a country destroy itself on CNN. Right?
Grimes: Why aren't you shooting?
Waddell: We're not being shot at yet.
Grimes: How can you tell?
Waddell: A hiss means it's close. A snap means...
[a bullet whizzes close by]
Waddell: Now they're shooting at us!
[they begin returning fire]
[voice-over, spoken with the credits]
Shughart: My love, stay strong and you will do well in life. I love you and my children deeply. Today and tomorrow let each day grow and grow. Keep smiling and never give up even when things get you down. So in closing my love, tonight tuck my children in bed warmly. Tell them I love them, then hug them for me and give them both a kiss goodnight for daddy.
Yurek: [Looks at Nelson strangely] What's wrong with him?
Twombly: Oh, he's deaf. My fault.
[after Wolcott's bird goes down]
Garrison: We just lost the initiative.
"Hoot": See you're thinking. Don't. 'Cause Sergeant, you can't control who gets hit or who doesn't or who falls out of a chopper or why. It ain't up to you. It's just war.
Steele: Sergeant, what's the meaning of this?
[Thinking he's talking about the unauthorized pig picking]
"Hoot": Just a little aerial target practice, sir. Didn't want to leave 'em behind.
Steele: I'm talking about your weapon, soldier. Now Delta or no-Delta, that's still a hot weapon. Your safety should be on at all times.
"Hoot": This is my safety, sir.
[He holds up his index finger and bends motions as if squeezing a trigger and then walks off]
Sanderson: Let it alone, sir. He hasn't eaten in a few days.
[Durant and Wolcott talk over the intercom as they fly past each other in their helicopters]
Durant: Six-One, this is Six-Four, go to UHF secure. I've got some bad news.
Cliff Wolcott: Limo is a word, Durant. I don't want to hear about it.
Durant: It is not a word. It's an abbreviation of a word.
Cliff Wolcott: Limo is a word in common usage. That is the key phrase in scrabble, my friend, common usage.
Durant: No! If it's not in the dictionary, it doesn't count.
Cliff Wolcott: It doesn't have to be in the dictionary!
Durant: It does have to be in the dictionary! Listen, when we get back to base, it's coming off the board.
Cliff Wolcott: You touch my limo and I'll spank you, Night Stalker. You hear me?
Durant: Yeah. Promises.
[after the briefing]
Matthews: What's the matter Danny? Something you don't like?
McKnight: No Spectre gunships, daylight instead of night, late afternoon when they're all fucked up on Khat, only part of the city Aidid can mount a serious counter-attack on short notice...
McKnight: What's not to like?
Harell: Life's imperfect.
McKnight: Yeah, for you two, circling above it at five hundred feet it's imperfect. Down in the street, it's unforgiving.
"Hoot": [speaking about the shooting earlier] Nice man, very smooth.
Gordon: Single shot through the engine block.
"Hoot": Shit, that's a shame. That was a nice jeep.
General Garrison: If we don't hold down this city we are gonna have 100 caskets to fill by morning.
[after Captain Steele caught Sgt. Pilla imitating him]
Steele: Quick word, Specialist.
Dominick Pilla: Sir.
[gives the middle finger to his fellow soldiers while walking with Steele]
Steele: Tell me, Pilla. You understand why we have a chain of command, don't you?
Dominick Pilla: Roger that, sir.
Steele: 'Cause if I ever see you undermining it again, you'll be cleaning latrines with your tongue til you can't taste the difference between shit and French fries. Are we clear?
Dominick Pilla: Hoo-ah, sir.
Todd Blackburn: Well, I'm here to kick some ass.
Atto: You shouldn't have come here. This is a civil war. This is our war, not yours.
General Garrison: 300,000 dead and counting. That's not a war Mr. Atto. That's genocide.
[after an explosion]
Sanderson: Are you alright?
Grimes: Yeah, I can hear bells ringin'!
Busch: Three guys with RPGs! Coming up on your side! Now!
[Somalis fire the RPG, striking Super 6-1's tail rotor. 6-1 is now spinning out of control]
Cliff Wolcott: Stay with it!
Cliff Wolcott: [on radio] This is 6-1. I'm hit. I'm hit.
Matthews: Super 6-1 is hit. He is hit. Wolcott's bird is hit.
Cliff Wolcott: Hey Bull, you want to pull those PCLs offline or what?
Briley: Right, babe.
[6-1 is still spinning wildly]
Cliff Wolcott: 6-1 going down, 6-1 going down.
Matthews: Super 6-1 is going down. He is going down.
[Various radio chatter repeating "6-1 going down", showing the Rangers on the ground looking up in disbelief at the spiraling chopper]
Cliff Wolcott: Hold on!
[6-1's crew are bracing for impact]
Cliff Wolcott: [Chopper strikes a building] Ahhh!
[6-1 crashes, blades flying everywhere]
Harell: We've got a Black Hawk down, we've got a Black Hawk down.
Matthews: Super 6-1 is down. We've got a bird down in the city.
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: You Americans don't smoke anymore. You live long, dull and uninteresting lives.
Steele: Pretty funny, hoo-ah?
[after Hoot cuts in front of Blackburn in the line for food]
Blackburn: Hey man, there's a line.
"Hoot": I know.
Blackburn: And this isn't the back of it.
"Hoot": Yeah, I know.
[the spy shows the right building]
Garrison: Is he sure this time?
Harell: He sounds scared shitless.
Garrison: Good. That's always a good sign.
Yurek: [ducking behind a car after being shot at by Nelson] Rangers?
Twombly: HO!
Yurek: It's Yurek! You fucking assholes!
Nelson: Fuck!
Twombly: We almost fucking killed you! Well, come to us!
Yurek: Fuck you! Come to me!
[first title card]
[second title card]
Title Card: Only the dead have seen the end of war.
Title Card: Plato
[third title card]
Title Card: 1992
[fourth title card]
Title Card: Years of warfare among rival clans causes famine on a biblical scale.
[fifth title card]
Title Card: 300,000 civilians die of starvation.
[sixth title card]
Title Card: Mohamed Farrah Aidid, the most powerful of the warlords, rules the capital Mogadishu.
[seventh title card]
Title Card: He seizes international food shipments at the ports. Hunger is his weapon.
[eighth title card]
Title Card: The world responds. Behind a force of 20,000 U.S. Marines, food is delivered and order is restored.
[ninth title card]
Title Card: April 1993
Title Card: Aidid waits until the Marines withdraw, and then declares war on the remaining U.N. peacekeepers.
[tenth title card]
Title Card: In June, Aidid's militia ambush and slaughter 24 Pakistani soldiers, and begin targeting American personnel.
Steele: What's this Sargn't? Another taxpayer-funded Delta safari?
Sanderson: Not if General Garrison's askin'.
Steele: No, I'm askin'.
Sanderson: Have a nice meal, captain.
[imitating Cpt. Steele]
Pilla: Speak up, you say this is your safety? Well, this is my boot, son, and it will fit up your ass with the proper amount of force!
McKnight: [over the radio] How are things going? Things okay there, Struecker?
Struecker: I don't wanna talk about it now, Colonel. I'm busy!
[Pilla is shot and falls into the humvee]
Thomas: Sergeant Pilla's hit! Christ, he's fucked up!
McKnight: Is anybody hit? Struecker, talk to me!
Struecker: It's Sergeant Pilla!
McKnight: What's his status? What's his status?
"Hoot": He's dead!
Struecker: He's dead. Pilla's dead, sir.
McKnight: C2, this is McKnight, we have a KIA: Dominick Pilla, over.
Harell: Roger that.
Struecker: Get on that fifty! Someone get on that fifty!
"Hoot": It's mine!
[Jamie Smith bounces a basketball on the table where Eversman is working]
Eversmann: What the fuck, Smith?
Smith: Well?
Eversmann: "Well" what?
Smith: We going out?
Eversmann: Why should I tell you?
Smith: Because I'm me!
Durant: Where's the rescue squad?
Shughart: We're it.
[On seeing wild boars running below the Black Hawk]
"Hoot": Who's hungry?
[spoken in Somali over a megaphone]
Yousuf Dahir Mo'alim: This food is the property of Mohammad Farid Aidid, go back to your homes!
Eversmann: You okay?
Todd Blackburn: Excited. In a good way. I've been training my whole life for this.
Eversmann: You ever shot at anybody before?
Todd Blackburn: No Sergeant.
Eversmann: Me neither.
Struecker: No one gets left behind, you know that.
[after a RPG hit a building]
Grimes: Fuuuuck this!
[Grimes sees smoke from Somali tire fires in the distance as the Rangers fly towards the city]
Grimes: Why are they burning tires?
Waddell: Signals to the militia, that we're coming.
Sanderson: So where did they find you?
Grimes: Behind a desk.
[Sanderson laughs]
Grimes: No really.
"Hoot": Sergeant, you got your men this far. You did it right today. Now you gotta start thinking about getting them out of here.
McKnight: [over the radio] Get us off this fucking street!
[after Eversmann debriefs his chalk on Wolcott's crashed helicopter]
Nelson: How come I gotta stay back here?
Eversmann: Because you're dependable.
Nelson: [to Twombly after Eversmann, Wadell, Schmid, and Galentine head for the crash site] I hate being dependable, man.
Cliff Wolcott: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott, I'll be your pilot this afternoon. Federal regulations designate this a "non-smoking" Black Hawk helicopter. For those of you who have the "Mogadishu Frequent Flyer" program, you'll be earning a hundred free credits this afternoon, and as always, the air sickness bags are located in the seat-back, in front of you.
[while powering up his black hawk for takeoff with other helicopters checking in over the radio]
Durant: Fuckin' Irene!
General Garrison: This is Garrison. Now I want to be sure y'all understand what your asking for, so say it out loud and clear.
Shughart: We're asking to go in and set-up a perimeter until ground support arrives.
Smith: I'm sorry.
Eversmann: You have nothing to be sorry about. You saved Twombly, you did it perfect.
Smith: You okay Twombs?
Twombly: Yeah, I'm okay, Jamie.
Eversmann: See, you did what you were trained to do. You should be proud of that, be proud of that.
Smith: Ev?
Eversmann: Yeah.
Smith: Do me a favor, okay? Tell my parents that I fought well today. And tell them that I... that I... that I fought hard.
Eversmann: You're gonna tell them yourself okay, Jamie?
Smith: Are... are the humvees here?
Eversmann: They're coming, Jamie. They're coming. You just gotta hold on for a little longer. Can you do that?
Smith: I can, I can. It's nothing. It's nothing.
Othic: [after Kowalewski had been killed by an RPG]
[to Mcknight]
Othic: There's a fucking rocket in him, sir!
McKnight: Othic, cool off! Goddamn it! There's live ordnance, now get out!
McKnight: [after pulling Kowalewski's body out of the humvee] Son of a bitch!
McKnight: [while helping to put Kowalewski into the back of the humvee] Lift him up! Easy, easy!
McKnight: [while the convoy is under heavy fire going through a raided street] Motherfuckers! Motherfuckers!
[to cell phone]
Atto: I'm going to be late.
Garrison: How far is Chalk Four from the crash site?
Harell: Six blocks, sir.
Garrison: They need to haul ass.
Nelson: Twombly! The convoy's leaving! Hey Twombly!
Twombly: What?
Nelson: I think they've forgotten us!
Twombly: WHAT?
Nelson: It doesn't matter.
Eversmann: I was talking to Blackburn the other day, and he asked me "What changed? Why are we going home?" and I said "Nothing." That's not true either; I think everything's changed. I know I've changed.
Eversmann: You know a friend of mine asked me before I got here; it's when we were all shipping out. He asked me "Why are you going to fight somebody else's war? What, do you think you're heroes?" I didn't know what to say at the time, but if he'd ask me again I'd say no. I'd say there's not way in hell. Nobody asks to be a hero.
Eversmann: It just sometimes turns out that way.
Maddox: [after losing his vision, he tells McKnight] I can't see shit, sir.
Grimes: It's all in the grind, Sizemore. Can't be too fine, can't be too coarse. This, my friend, is a science. I mean you're looking at the guy that believed all the commercials. You know, about the "be all you can be." I made coffee through Desert Storm. I made coffee through Panama while everyone else got to fight, got to be a Ranger. Now it's "Grimesy, black, one sugar" or "Grimesy, got a powdered anywhere?"
General Garrison: Danny, you understand me? No one gets left behind!
[after Super 61 crashes]
Harell: We got a black hawk down, we got a black hawk down.
Matthews: Super 61 is down. We got a bird down in the city. Super 61 is on the deck now.
Nelson: The Humvees ain't coming back for us, dude.
Steele: Open up the hatch, we've got men back here!
Pakistani Driver: No room here, go on the roof!
Sanderson: What's going on?
Steele: The roof?
Twombly: I ain't gettin on no fucking roof!
[after Nelson, Twombly, and Yurek grouped together; talking about equipment]
Twombly: Never mind. You brought NOD, right?
Yurek: No, I did not bring it. You know why? Because you said: "You won't need that dude, we'll be back in a half-hour."
Twombly: [feeling guilty] I wasn't exactly saying that to you.
Matthews: All units Irene. I say again, Irene.
Pilot: Mike Durant, we won't leave you behind.
[eleventh title card]
Title Card: In late August, America's elite soldiers, Delta Force, Army Rangers and the 160th SOAR are sent to Mogadishu to remove Aidid and restore order.
[twelfth title card]
Title Card: The mission was to take three weeks, but six weeks later Washington was growing impatient.
McKnight: You, get up there and drive!
Othic: But I'm shot Colonel!
McKnight: Everybody's shot! We need the prisoners, let's go!
[watching Wex as he prepares for the mission]
Joyce: Look at this man Ruiz, he's taping his blood type to his boot. That's bad luck.
Ruiz: No. That's smart.
[pulls out a death/goodbye letter]
Ruiz: All Delta do that.
Joyce: That's bad luck too, man.
[after McKnight orders Maddox to turn around and go back to Haldawig]
Maddox: Sir, they're going to get us fucking killed out there!
McKnight: Just get it over with!
[speaking about a Pakistani UN tank]
Grimes: These things are fuckin' bullet magnets!
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Do you think if you get General Aidid, we will simply put down our weapons and adopt American democracy? That the killing will stop? We know this. Without victory, there will be no peace. There will always be killing, see? This is how things are in our world.
[Spoken in Somali when capturing Mike Durant]
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Mohammad Farid Aidid... claims this prisoner... alive!
[Durant is being interrogated]
Durant: My government will never negotiate for me.
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Then perhaps you and I can negotiate, huh? Soldier to Soldier.
Durant: I am not in charge
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Course not, you have the power to kill, but not negotiate. In Somalia, Killing is Negotiation.
Garrison: You know, the last one of these guys shot himself in the head playing Russian-Roulette in a bar.
Struecker: It's what you do right now that makes a difference.
Durant: Gordy!
Shughart: Gordy's gone man. I'll be outside. Good luck.
Atto: You put up reward signs. Twenty-five thousand dollars! What is this? Gunfight at the K.O. Corral?
Garrison: [laughs] It's the *O.K.* Corral.
[imitating Cpt. Steele]
Pilla: Think. We are at the ten yard line here, men, you understand? Can you count? One, two, ten. Where are my runningbacks?
Rangers: Hoo-ah!
Pilla: Where are my runningbacks?
Rangers: Hoo-ah!
Pilla: Hey. I didn't see you in church on Sunday solider. You had something more important to do? Not on Sunday you don't, not anymore. I will make you believe, you understand?
McKnight: Now, there will be some shooting. Bakara Market is the Wild West, but be careful what you shoot at because people do live there.
McKnight: Ok, we're going to have to turn 'em around and go back the way we came.
Maddox: WHAT?
Eversmann: You brought your gun?
Todd Blackburn: Yes, Sarn't! Want me to shoot? I'm rested.
Eversmann: When'd you get in?
Todd Blackburn: Just now, Sarn't.
Durant: I'm not a ranger, I'm a pilot.
Todd Blackburn: Thats a nice beach down there. Hows the water?
Durant: Yeah, its nice and warm... and it's loaded with sharks.
Sanderson: [after Cpt. Steele orders Grimes to hook up with Eversmann] "MY GUYS, LET'S GO!"
[Deltas depart for the Wolcott crash site with Grimes in-tow]
Eversmann: Remember, we're Rangers not some sorry-ass JROTC. We're Elite. Let's act like it out there. Hoo-ah?
Rangers: Hoo-ah!
[deleted scene]
Kowalewski: Beautiful day to fight.
General Garrison: This isn't Iraq, you know. Much more complicated than that.
[trying to start a conversation]
Eversmann: You know, it's kind of funny. Beautiful beach, beautiful sun. Could almost be a nice place to visit.
"Hoot": Almost.
McKnight: [after the wounded are sent off] Struecker, you lead humvee.
Struecker: Hoo-ah!
[with blood covering his face, speaking to Col. McKnight]
Othic: Colonel, I can't see shit.
[on Wex's drawing]
Busch: Looks good.
Wex: It's improving.
Busch: But if I may make a suggestion... more of an observation.
Wex: Go ahead.
Busch: It's a children's book. They aren't supposed to scare the living shit out of the children.
Cliff Wolcott: [after C2 repeated the initiative] Ireeene!
[Watching a Somali mother pick up a gun]
Specialist Mike Kurth: Don't do it lady!
[first lines]
Dan Busch: There. Technicals, nine o'clock.
[McKnight sees Schmid treating the injured Blackburn]
McKnight: What happened to him?
Schmid: He fell, missed the rope.
McKnight: How'd he do that?
[Schmid shrugs with an odd smirk]
CWO Dan Jollata: [Spots Somalis with RPGs and firearms] Art; I've got Skinnies with RPGS! Twelve o'clock!
Crew Chief: [to Medics roping down] Go! Go! Go!
Crew Chief: Roger; give me 90 degrees to the left.
[Black Hawk rotates 90 degrees to the left while minigun begins to fire; killing all the Somalis with weapons while one stray RPG shoots down and misses TSgt. Tim "Wilkie" Wilkinson by inches]
Crew Chief: Hey, Grimesy! No fear!
Grimes: Oh, yeah, RIGHT!
Harell: Now he's saying the target building's actually a couple blocks down but if he's seen outside it he'll be shot.
Garrison: I'll fucking shoot him myself a couple blocks down. Tell him I want his skinny ass parked in front of the damn building, he's not getting paid til he does exactly that.
[a dying Ruiz is speaking to Cpt. Steele]
Ruiz: Don't go back out there without me. I can still do my job.