In order to make good with his former employers, a submarine captain takes a job with a shadowy backer to search the depths of the Black Sea for a submarine rumored to be loaded with gold.

[first lines]
Liam: And we want you to know that this has nothing - nothing at all - to do with your performance, which is exemplary by the way.
Captain Robinson: [sighs looking out the window]
Liam: Look, the business has changed. Marine salvage has changed. We don't need a submarine pilot anymore. We don't even need a sub. Now, you've never been on contract, so redundancy, well, it's out of the question. But I spoke to Bob Toris personally and he has insisted that Agora make sure that there's something for you. And I'm please to say that we can offer you a settlement of £8,640. I mean, have you got a pension? Like a private pension.
Captain Robinson: I've been with Agora for 11 years. I've been working on submarines for nearly 30. I lost my family to this job.
Liam: They... They'd like you to clear your desk. Today.
Captain Robinson: Those bastards fired the man who found it. Kurston. He was a good man. Gave his life to his job, just like the rest of us here. They fired him. He killed himself. They fired me. They fired men like flushing shit down a toilet. Well... this time the shit is fighting back.
Captain Robinson: [trying to read a note to him in Russian]
Morozov: What are you saying?
Captain Robinson: You speak English? Why didn't you say anything before?
Morozov: No one speak me, I don't speak them.
Captain Robinson: [over the radio] What's the sea bed like?
Blackie: [with labored walking] It's like butter made of dog shit.
Captain Robinson: They think we're dirt. We are not dirt. They think they can tell us. They...
Morozov: [grabbing him by the neck] They? Who is they? Who is they? You hid escape suits. You lie us - all of us! You-they worse than they. Worse then they!
Captain Robinson: What are you looking for?
Tobin: The windows.
Captain Robinson: The what?
Tobin: Well, the lads said I should give the windows a clean before we head out, but I can't find any.
Captain Robinson: It's a submarine. There are no windows. What's the broom for?
Tobin: There's no chimney, is there?