A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

[from trailer]
Elias Kassar: This isn't about money. This isn't about politics. I can target anyone, anything, anywhere.
Nicholas Hathaway: To you this is just a game, the virtual world!
Elias Kassar: You were never in the game.
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Nicholas Hathaway: The real hit is still to come...
[from trailer]
Chen Dawai: [to Nicholas] You have to run.
Elias Kassar: You are no longer in control...
George Reinker: The U.S. Government would like your technical advice on this. In exchange for that, we're going to furlough you right out of here. You sign that on the last page, and we'll get you processed.
Nicholas Hathaway: [begins skimming the agreement]
George Reinker: You'll wear an ankle bracelet and be accompanied by a U.S. Marshall. Your computer access will be restricted. If you wanna study the whole document, you can go right ahead. I can come back in a month or two.
Nicholas Hathaway: No, I'm done.
[pushing the folder back]
George Reinker: You didn't sign it.
Nicholas Hathaway: Yeah, why would I sign it?
George Reinker: Why? Because of the generosity of the Assistant U.S. Attorney in granting you a furlough.
Nicholas Hathaway: Both you and the Assistant U.S. Attorney can take that document and stick it up your ass.
George Reinker: I'm sorry?
Nicholas Hathaway: Why are you sorry? I insulted you. What are you sorry for? I'm not sorry.
George Reinker: Don't think you're gonna...
Nicholas Hathaway: Hey. You wanna raise me up out of here, solve your trade exchange dilemma, and I get furlough for a couple weeks? You kidding me? You have any idea how much progress you're gonna make on a strike this complex without someone like me? Zero.
Chen Lien: I'm sorry for what happened to you.
Nicholas Hathaway: Well, don't be. I'm not fishing for sympathy, here. I did the crime, I'm doing the time. Time isn't doing me.
Chen Lien: What's that mean?
Nicholas Hathaway: I do my own time, not the institution's. See, to hold on to who you are in there, you dedicate yourself to your program. You work out on your body and your mind.
Sadak: Some times I wake up in the morning and I don't even know who I am. Where I am. In what country. And you know me?
Nicholas Hathaway: I know you, and you're about money, because it's your scoreboard in the virtual world.
Nicholas Hathaway: Are you still gonna like me if I'm fixing garage door openers?
Chen Lien: I don't know. Maybe.
Nicholas Hathaway: We're in.
Carol Barrett: You can call me "chica" any time you want.
Sadak: I can put together another bankroll. Target another target. And if I stop thinking about you, if I stop thinking about anything, it disappears. It vanishes. It ceases to exist.
Assistant Warden Jeffries: Is this the attack tool? With it you open up a terminal, and that gives you a command line? That how you broke into the network and plussed-up the balances?
Nicholas Hathaway: No. I use it to call Santa in the North Pole and tell him to do Christmas early this year.
Gary Baker: You want to see my data, you come up with something a little more tangible. Something more in the way of probable cause than your hunch.
Carol Barrett: Gary. May I call you Gary? How's this for tangible? In the next 15 seconds I call Laura Greer at the Commodities Trading Commission. And I say, "Laura, how you doing? I'd like to launch an official investigation on one Gary Baker." So the headline, "M-Tech Official Investigated for Aiding and Abetting Cyber Criminals" leaks to CNN in the next 90, so it makes the three o'clock news cycle, as well as the nightly news. That'd be good too.
Carol Barrett: [after a hard stare down] Am I being tangible? Gary?