Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reaper vampires who feed on vampires.

Reinhardt: [after Blade beats an entire squad] Hmm. Well, like my daddy said right before he killed my mom, "Want anything done right, you gotta do it yourself."
[he unsheathes Blade's sword]
Reinhardt: He also said...
[he suddenly lunges with the sword. Blade traps it between his hands]
Blade: Can you blush?
[disarms Reinhardt, catches the sword, and slices Reinhardt in half]
Blade: [pulling the pin out of a UV grenade] You obviously do not know who you are *fucking* with!
Scud: Lock up your daughters, boys and girls, the Dark Knight returns.
Blade: [noticing vampire tattoo] You're human.
Kounen: Barely. I'm a lawyer.
Blade: There's an old saying: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.
Whistler: Better get you some sunscreen, Buttercup.
Chupa: Listen, shit kicker! You're about one cunt hair away from hillbilly heaven.
Whistler: I love it when you talk dirty.
Scud: [after revealing he's a familiar] They needed my help to bring you here to control Nomak. The old fuck, he was always just bait. I mean, look at him. He's your only real weakness, man. You may be fast, you may be strong and all that other bullshit, but in the end, B, you're just too human!
[punches Whistler in the face]
Whistler: Well, you little shit!
[Scud punches him again]
Scud: You think they scoped out my security system? I let them in, asshole!
Reinhardt: [watching Whistler shine a bright light around a dark tunnel] We're tryin' to attract 'em... not scare 'em off.
Whistler: Yeah, well some of us can't see in the dark, you fucking nipplehead. What am I supposed to do?
Chupa: [slaps Whistler with a pair of night-vision goggles] Bifocals, Grampa. Try to keep up.
Reinhardt: Hey, uh, me and the gang were wondering...
[whispers something with his hand covering his mouth]
Blade: What was that?
[Reinhardt removes his hand and leans in]
Reinhardt: Can you blush?
[after explaining to Blade how to use a UV bomb]
Nyssa: You're not coming?
Scud: No. I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Eli Damaskinos: Who do you think God really favors in the web? The spider, or the fly?
[as Whistler tries to join Blade in entering the House of Pain]
Whistler: Let's go.
Chupa: You won't pass for one of us. No way.
Whistler: Like I give a shit.
Blade: No, he's right. Why don't you post up on the roof over there? Cover our backs.
Whistler: So the Bloodpack's callin' the shots now, huh? Great.
Reinhardt: Better curb that dog of yours or we'll do it for you.
[Blade arms the bomb. Reinhardt freezes]
Blade: Keep pushing, asshole.
[disarms bomb]
[as Blade scans the crowd of vampires]
Reinhardt: God, it would be so easy.
[he draws his pistol and aims. A laser dot appears on Blade's chest - and the camera pans down to show another laser beam coming from his gun]
Chupa: He's got you.
[Reinhardt looks down and sees a laser dot on his own chest. He puts his gun away. Chupa laughs. Blade grins at Reinhardt, who very clearly mouths, "fuck you."]
[after Reinhardt taunts him]
Blade: Oh, I get it. I see now. You've been training for two years to take me out, and now here I am. Whew!
Blade: Ooh, so exciting, isn't it?
Scud: [watching the UV bomb flicker and die] I don't know, maybe I fucked up. Maybe you were right.
[the UV bomb goes off]
Scud: Alright. Poppa's got a brand new bang.
[Priest has been bitten by Reapers, and is screaming to the highest corners of Hell]
Blade: How long since he's been bitten?
Asad: About twenty minutes.
Chupa: His skin is fucking burning!
Blade: He's already starting to change.
Reinhardt: [Priest keeps screaming] Will someone just shut him the fuck up?
[Chupa puts his gun to Priest's chest]
Priest: [in vampire language] Kill me now, Chupa!
Chupa: [in vampire language] A man without fear...
[shoots him six times through the chest but it doesn't kill him]
Asad: Hold on. Hold him, Chupa!
Reinhardt: Come on, man, just put him out of his fucking misery!
[Snowman pulls his sword]
Nyssa: Don't you get it? You can't finish him that way!
[Snowman tosses his sword to Reinhardt who cuts off the top of Priest's head, without effect]
Blade: Move.
[the Bloodpack moves. Blade shoots holes in the wall, letting in beams of sunlight]
Reinhardt: Back off!
[Priest's body burns]
Scud: You heard Cue Ball, right? Pretty soon, they're all gonna be daywalkers, man. When that happens, I'd rather be a pet than cattle.
[last lines: Rush goes into a viewing booth at a strip joint, but the door goes up to show Blade standing there]
Blade: Well, you didn't think I forgot about you, did you?
[stabs his sword through the plexiglass and into Rush's head]
Drug Dealer: Looking to get hooked up?
Nomak: Maybe. What do you have?
Drug Dealer: No problem. Horse, Hawaiian ice, whatever you need.
Nomak: Whatever I need. I like that. What if I need you?
[attacks him]
Nomak: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or my enemy?
Asad: [introducing the Bloodpack] Blade, meet the Bloodpack: Lighthammer, Verlaine, Priest, Snowman, Chupa, and Reinhardt.
Scud: So B-man, what do you think?
Blade: Sounds like a plan.
Whistler: What do you really think?
Blade: They're gonna fuck us the first chance they get.
Whistler: What are you looking for?
Scud: Phosphor rods. If I can suss out the light source, maybe I can make some sorta UV flash-bang grenade or somethin'.
Whistler: Been tried already.
Scud: Yeah, but you didn't have the Scudster working on it then, now did you?
Eli Damaskinos: It has been said, "Be proud of your enemy and enjoy his success." In that regard, I should thank you.
Blade: For what?
Kounen: Eliminating Deacon Frost. You did us a favor.
Reinhardt: [while being overrun by Reapers] You want a bite of me? Well, come on! Come on, motherfucker!
Whistler: How'd you two hook up?
Scud: I was backpackin'. Met these two chicks. Decided to take 'em back to my, uh, tent for a little "Three's Company" action.
[opens his shirt to reveal horrible scarring across his chest and abdomen]
Whistler: Purdy.
Scud: Next thing I know Janet and Chrissy start tearing chunks outta my stomach. Blade shows up, saves my ass, everything else just sorta fell into place.
[after Blade goads Reinhardt, Reinhardt attacks him. Blade seizes him in an armlock, then plants a miniature explosive device onto the back of his head]
Blade: Now you got an explosive device stuck to the back of your head. Silver Nitrate.
[to the Bloodpack]
Blade: Rigged to go off if anybody tampers with it. I'll have the detonator with me.
[to Reinhardt]
Blade: And you, if you so much as look at me wrong...
[wrenches his arm]
Reinhardt: AH!
Blade: Whew!
[to the Bloodpack]
Blade: From now on, we work as a unit.
Chupa: Let me ask one question... how the hell we gonna find these Reapers?
Blade: We won't have to. They'll come to us.
[Nyssa throws Chupa a spray bottle, looking at it he accidentally sprays some in his face]
Chupa: [coughs] What is this shit?
Nyssa: Pheromones, harvested from the Reapers adrenal glands. They're gonna key to it.
Reinhardt: They want us to spray on some suckpuppy's nut juice?
Blade: [after rescuing Whistler] If there's anything left of you in there, Whistler, listen up. In the morning those blinds are going to open. Whether you're cured or not.
Priest: Look at them. Half of these bastards, they're not even pure bloods. I tell you what, why don't we just fuckin' kill everyone? Just to make sure.
Scud: Nobody goes cold turkey from the thirst in just one night.
Blade: We'll play along for now. They'll take us in deeper than we've ever been. Get a chance to see how their world really ticks.
Whistler: I had enough of their world. They're just shitting bricks just because they're no longer top of the food chain.
Reinhardt: [over two way, after the silver bullets have no affect on Reapers] Silver don't do jack shit man, don't waste the bullets!
Chupa: Motherfucker.
Reinhardt: You hear me Chupa?
Chupa: Say cheese!
[shoots Reaper rapidly]
Whistler: How'd you find me?
Blade: Started out in Moscow then Romania. They kept moving you around.
Whistler: How long was I gone? Months?
Blade: Too long.
Whistler: [to himself] Years.
Whistler: They tortured me almost to death, and then let me heal in a vat of blood so they could go at it again. Sorry sons of bitches could've at least fixed my damn leg while they were at it.
[after Scud has just been blown up by a bomb]
Whistler: I was just startin' to like him.
Rush: [after Blade uses him as a shield; in vampire language] Fuck! It's not silver but it hurts like hell.
Nomak: Vampires... I hate vampires...
Scud: Tell me somethin'. How's the weather up there, sweetheart?
Whistler: [being pelted by rain] Walkin' on sunshine, toad boy.
Blade: How do you feel?
Whistler: Like hammered shit.
[Chupa notices that the pheromone canister is spraying]
Chupa: What the hell is this? You tryin' to stink me to death, old man?